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Composer not working

I've read some of the other posts. When I try to compose on this computer I get errors about files missing and director movie not running etc. I unistalled and reinstalled shockwave numerous times only to get the same stuff. It works on my laptop, but not on my desktop. Any suggestions?
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Re: Composer not working

12/16/2008 11:38 AM

Bryan Morrison (9786) wrote:

I had the same problem recently. And also did as other posts suggested. Uninstalled/re-installed.

What the problem is, the additional files that are needed don't get installed into the right place. They are on your computer, but you have to find them and move them.

The file you need to move is called "SWADCmpr.X32"

I don't remember exactly but I think this is what you need to do..

That file should be installing into your c: programfiles/ adobe/ xtras folder. Do a search for the filename if you can't find it. It should turn up.

Now copy the file so that you can paste it in another location.

Where it needs to be if I remember correctly, is in your c:\windows\system32\macromedia\shockwave\xtra

It might be adobe instead of macromedia.. don't remember. Some of the folders might not exist. You'll have to create them. If I remember correctly, I had like 2 or 3 different variations of the plugin in the system32 folder. I think I copied and pasted the file/created the folders into all of the possible directories. Rebooted and then it worked.

You might have to tinker around with it. I wish I could remember exactly.