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Amp suitable for Yamaha APX 5NA (classical)

I am a beginner, and I have just bought my second guitar ( nylon stringed APX - an upgrade from a Yamaha acoustic). I find it much easier to play (slightly more distance between strings) and of course easier on the fingers. I want to get an amp (mainly for front room, but possibly some performances with students at school). Can I just use an electric guitar amp, or should I buy something specific to classical/acoustic ?

Also, my son will use my old Yamaha F310 acoustic to begin with. Can I put nylon strings on this to make it easier on his fingers, or will it sound bad ?


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Re: Amp suitable for Yamaha APX 5NA (classical)

2/24/2008 8:27 PM

Paul Smith (1083) wrote:

Question 1: You definitely want to get an amp for an acoustic setup if you want to play for a real audience. There are some really smart folks here who can explain the physics, but an acoustic pickup is a different kettle of fish than an electric pickup. You will want an acoustic amp that can translate the warmth of your acoustic. For just noodling the elec. would probably be okay, but it just aint gonna sound quite right.

Question 2: no reason that you can't switch and put nylon strings on the steel string guitar, but it is not going to sound as lively. A possible problem is the design of the strings. Steel strings most frequently are attached to the bridge with a bridge pin, and the ball end of the string goes through the bridge and is held in position with the pin. Most classicals have a bridge where you feed the string through the bridge and then twist the string under itself several times to anchor the string. Without a ball end on the nylon string you will have a fit trying to anchor it to a standard steel string bridge.

It is far more acceptable around these parts to have to explain to your wife/mother that you must go to the guitar store IMMEDIATELY and buy another guitar. One can never have too many guitars. In fact, having more guitars is always better than trying to piece a makeshift rig together.

Think globally, buy frequently!


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Re: Amp suitable for Yamaha APX 5NA (classical)

6/9/2008 11:28 AM

Mark Collins (3026) wrote:

as far as an amp, try RMS AC40, very nice amp for the $.

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Re: Amp suitable for Yamaha APX 5NA (classical)

6/15/2008 9:17 PM

Paul Gelinas (4377) wrote:

Consider an Electar Acoustic 30 from

It's a fine amp that serves well in small venues that's priced very reasonably.