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Strat players - string gauge?

So. My (not-so-new-any-more) H1 is starting to bug me, and I have a feeling it's the 9s. Question is, do I move up to 10s, or 11s. I had 11s on my PRS, tuned down a half-step, but I'm not sure the Strat will hold up to that (tuning, stability, all that jazz). I think 10s would be a neat compromise.

I play mostly blues on it (not very well, I must admit) through a Blues Junior, I like a cleanish crunch and I think moving up to slightly heavier gauge strings will help the old tone a bit. I don't do a lot of hectic bending, usually max one step, but I like to get a nice vibrato.

Advice needed - go up to 10s, see if I'm happy, then move up to 11s if I'm not? Guess I'm answering my own question, but just thought I'd see what some other folk have to say on the subject.

On another note, I have a slide, and I'm thinking of raising the action a bit and getting in on some slide action. So heavier strings are definitely a necessity, yeah?

Looking forward to what y'all have to say. Thanks.

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Re: Strat players - string gauge?

4/9/2008 5:09 PM

Jeff Rice (3314) wrote:

I gotta go with Mr. Mackie on this one. I play 10's on my strat. A lot of blues and rock sounds through a fender super reverb and I like the tone. I don't think it's a matter of strings so much as technique, but I just have my preferences. Hope this helps.

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Re: Strat players - string gauge?

4/9/2008 8:46 PM

Ken Richardson (9051) wrote:

I like to use .10s as the high E string.. anything thinner just seems to break too easy!

I need to find out what set/gauge is on my Strat stock.. I like them - they are the Bullets which are supposed to fit the block better

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Re: Strat players - string gauge?

6/9/2008 11:00 AM

Mark Collins (3026) wrote:

I use Dean Markley Blue Steel 10's, wonderful strings, give them a try!

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