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Lesson Builder

I don't know very much regarding HTML, but I was trying to learn some.

In making a lesson (unpublished), I wanted to center the title at the top. I looked at a site on the web that taught how to do it. Instead, the text and the lesson do not show up at all when I put in "view page." I have tried to delete all the content for page 1, and it keeps coming back. Any suggestions? Do I need to delete that lesson, somehow, and start all over?

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Re: Lesson Builder

5/24/2008 1:48 PM

Bert Johnson (102) wrote:

I think you can't add html in subject lines (you can't in your homepage anyway). Unless I've misread and you're just adding html to the pages, you do the following:

(and remember, don't add the spaces) < center >

and don't forget to close it off < /center>

If done correctly -