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Speed versus melody/musicality

I (as much as everyone else) love hearing guitar players who have severe levels of technical skill but recently I've been seeing a lot of the new generation of technical players and thinking to myself that the vast majority of them have attained speed at the cost of musicality ie: they're playing a lot of notes very quickly but wheres the melody?

Anyone else think along similar lines? do we need to take the foot off the accelerator in order to bring the music back?
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Re: Speed versus melody/musicality

4/26/2008 8:39 PM

Kenny Cartman (152) wrote:

Speed? are you talking about illegal drugs or the high of having a patrol eating monster of a car?


I love a good sounding note

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Re: Speed versus melody/musicality

4/26/2008 11:25 PM

Erik Yars (126) wrote:

I believe that it is great to combine the two in soloing. Like the
great works of randy rhoads and dan huff. Some songs you
need to play using speed and others are all about the soul
behind your fingers

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Re: Speed versus melody/musicality

4/27/2008 11:03 AM

Chris Bond II (2841) wrote:

I was going to stay out of this post because really is subjective for the most part, but what the hell, I'll spend .02 cents worth of my opinion.

Until recently, this question never really came into play.

This is because there was speed, and great musicianship.

Classical compositions and even ragtime then jazz (all genre) could be played at the most lofty tempos for humans to obtain.

But the motif was always evident.

Rock players...uh, I mean guitar players are the first to really place an importance on speed. Musicians before them just assumed you practiced until you were able to play whatever tempo you needed to.

Speed without dynamics or melody is simply noise.

Most guitar players dig noise, I know I do.

Just do you your thing man and be the best you can be at whatever your thing is.

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