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Theory question

Jon Riley (9697)

Guitar Theory Forum · 4/1/2008 6:10 AM
No, not really. Just thought I'd try and insert a thread as a small counterbalance to the current infestation of this board with the annual Andy Fake virus. (Must be something to do with atmospheric conditions this time of year, some evil dankness that allows such self-perpetuating organisms to flourish...)

Just to inform any new readers of this board: some of us who visit here are reasonably intelligent, with a good grasp of conventional music theory, just in case you had a sensible question.
Andy Fake (and his various other transparent pseudonyms with whom he likes to conduct his nonsensical conversations) is not interested in music theory, only in trolling.
We all know that, and most of us try and leave him alone. But the infestation spreads itself anyhow...
(I suspect it will attach itself to this post before long...)

Personally I hope (sincerely) he is getting help with his obvious mental/emotional problems. Shame to see a good intelligence warped and wasted like that.
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Re: Theory question

4/2/2008 4:35 AM

Shad Tele (2463) wrote:

I have a theory question of my own. I believe this Andy Fake was once a somewhat prominent poster that we all knew.

Anyone have a similar notion?

I have a guess but I'm not sure I'm ready to venture it as yet....

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Re: Theory question

4/2/2008 6:33 AM

Bill North (12505) wrote:

Oh yes, I'm fairly certain of who it is as well.


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Re: Theory question

4/2/2008 7:43 PM

Rick Payman (10061) wrote:

Hi Jon,

Just restoring the balance by responding to your thread as well as Andy's -
wouldn't want to appear to be taking sides ...

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Re: Theory question

4/2/2008 10:28 PM

Erik Yars (126) wrote:

I think Andy Fake just comments on these messages to get his community rating up.


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Re: Theory question

4/3/2008 7:38 PM

Jeremy Henry (323) wrote:

I'll admit I'm kind of addicted to posting. I try to keep it to a musical standard though, and all though I may not have taken any music lessons I think all the answers I have given have been to the best of my ability. Like on the post about what note comes next, that is honestly how I make music and I think I make some pretty good music. Just saying, I really do take the guitar seriously and I hope people don't start taking me as one of the trolls. I just post because I like to talk about the guitar. Please let me know if you think I'm being a troll, honestly.

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