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Beginning lead guitar for beginners

Hey, I'm starting to play lead guitar but I've only been playing guitar for about a month and a half, at first I was just playing guitar but after much pain in my thumb ive decided that lead is the way to go for me. Basically my problem is i cant play power chords for very long because my thumb starts to hurt like crazy. But i can play single notes all day long no matter how fast they are with out my thumb hurting (ok so i cant play to fast but if i could it wouldnt hurt) The only thing that hurts while playing single notes will be my 1234 fingers, but thats nothing beyond what any beginning guitar player experiances. Does anyone know of any good lead guitar lessons for a beginning guitarist to learn? Any songs that are easy? Anything really. The only thing I've figured I can play to get a start are scales, which I'm having a hard time reading on here. Thank you in advance for your help - Jeremy
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Re: Beginning lead guitar for beginners

3/25/2008 7:44 PM

Erik Yars (126) wrote:

Hey Jeremy,
A great to solo over power chords is to first find what key the power chords are in and then solo in thaat key in a blues scale. For example hear is an E blues scale and a chord progression
E Blues





Try to get with a rythym guitarist and solo over that..

Erik Yars

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Re: Beginning lead guitar for beginners

3/25/2008 10:09 PM

Jeremy Henry (323) wrote:

Thanks for the advice, the example is nice to, i always benefit from those ;). peace.

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