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Heart break fixes?

Marie Gunsolus (189)

Open Guitar Forum · 8/23/2002 10:57 PM
I recently found out that the guy I thought I loved totally screwed me over and have been quite depressed about the whole issue since. I'm tired of being like this and was wondering if anyone knew of some good ways to get over someone when they break you in two. Please respond if you know anything about this, it's been eating me apart inside since Monday!
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Re: Heart break fixes?

8/29/2002 4:45 PM

Chris Pinto (24466) wrote:


Well, love is a crazy thing. I can honestly say that "We've ALL been there!" at one time or another. Sometimes MORE than once! :)

It sucks, it's a terrible feeling, and it really hurts. Time will heal the wounds, but it will take time.

Time to pick up that guitar for some therapy, and let the bastard go. Write some cool "hate songs" about him! :)

All joking aside, you'll be OK eventually, just try not to keep dwelling on this event. Play your music, it always works for me. Sometimes whenever I'm in a REALLY CRAPPY mood, that's when I play the best.


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Re: Heart break fixes?

8/29/2002 5:08 PM

Drew Todd (1193) wrote:

You could write an album's worth of angry songs. You could call it "Jagged Little Pill." You could make tons of money and... ehmmmm... nevermind.

Ever hit your thumb with a hammer? It hurts. If you took a real good swing, it hurts badly. And it won't stop hurting. Not with all of the ice and aspirin you can manage to round up.

The only cure is to find something to take your mind off the pain. Watch TV. Go for a walk. Call up a friend. Focus on something and everything else. Then, after some time has passed, you'll notice that it doesn't hurt as much. So you go on doing your thing and one day it doesn't hurt at all. And you think to yourself, "Hey: I might even pick up a hammer again..."

It's kind of like that.

Good luck. Our hearts go out to you, as we've all been there.


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Re: Heart break fixes?

5/9/2007 12:05 PM

Ken Richardson (9051) wrote:

Get involved in music, reading, sports,etc.

Keep occupied with good things!!!

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Re: Heart break fixes?

5/13/2007 11:42 PM

Obee Obier (4521) wrote:

Hey Marie,
write a song about it.


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Re: Heart break fixes?

6/27/2007 6:35 PM

Charles Gacsi (42523) wrote:

Dear Marie,

Perhaps vent some steam at the unwanted advertisers.

I get PO'd at the ads. One day I did something about it. I called the company and told them I was going to tie up their phone line. I called them back and put the phone on redial. My message was then "Hi its me again. I'm going to tie up your phone.".. After about less than a minute they put their phone on busy. I thought wow, what a project for the seniors. Each call on the 800 costs them money.


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Re: Heart break fixes?

10/28/2007 4:53 PM

Eric Ohlson wrote:

actually i did the same thing as the first guy said i just put it all into playing and then when they see people are paying attention to you when your on stage they come up and try to talk to you because your cool now and then what you do is yell security and say who are you then they will go home and they will be the depressed ones

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