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Who's crying now? Northerners whimper in the 80s

Well, I try NOT to whimper very much, but I sure hear a lot of complaints about the heat:


See what happens when we don't have a nice large body of water nearby to modulate the weather? We're actually HOTTER than a lot of all y'all today.

And in June, it truly feels a bit unnatural. Fer geez. The trees have been fully leafed out for only a month or so, donchaknow. We of the Northwoods live up here because we dislike heat. So I'm hearing a LOT of grumbling.

I grumble inwardly, but I know it could be much, much worse. I do have to laugh a little when folks complain how hot it is, and it's 84.

So yes, folks, we have now become the Summer Nancies of the North, as it was predicted some while back.

My dear ol' Granny used to call this climate the Northern Intemperate Zone, and she was right.

Ma "listen to your grammas" Geezer
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Re: Who's crying now? Northerners whimper in the 80s

6/26/2007 12:02 AM

David Mackie (11072) wrote:

Geez; Tammy ain't gonna like this. She wants to retire up there somewhere to get away from that kinda weather. Dang climate change! :-P

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Re: Who's crying now? Northerners whimper in the 80s

6/27/2007 7:10 PM

Tracy Hardy Johnson (11666) wrote:

Tell Tammy not to worry. Our "heat wave" disappeared quickly. Yesterday was perfect, clear, dry, in the 70s/low humidity; and today the high was maybe 58 and overcast, just as we would expect in June.

July/August can be another story, though . . . seems like we're getting more of the weather we moved up here to get away from . . . just not as hot, nor for as long.

Our upright grand piano certianly likes the summer warmth and humidity! In the summer it's easy to forget that we haven't had it tuned in 20+ years. We're always reminded in the winter, though.


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Use Passive Energy

6/27/2007 5:12 PM

Charles Gacsi (42523) wrote:

Humidity and Temperature tilt the comfort zone for most of us. Our temperature in California stays mild for the most part.

I've been to most of the other states. Phoenix gets hot but is a dry heat. At times we do have the clouds bounding up from Mexico with lots of moisture and if coupled with heat, it is uncomfortable. So what to do about it? Read about passive energy for one positive thing.

I have my home set up for minimal energy usage for cooling or heating.

Passive Energy means dropping exterior blinds early in the day. Closing the windows and lowering the interior blinds early in the day. Prevent the heat from entering the residence if you can.

I also have a ceiling fan in one bathroom at one end of the house. In my hall I have a ceiling crawl hole. I mount an ordinary box fan turned upside down to pump the warmed air upward into the attic and out before it builds up. Turbine fans on the roof help to expell that heat.

The insulation in the attic can get hot and that isn't good because that can radiate down into the house. Close the closet doors, especially the closets that have an exterior wall.

I insulated all interior walls facing out. I put furring strips over the existing 2 x 4's. Tucked 3/4 styrofome between the studs. Then put another layer of sheet rock over the studs.

I only lost about 1 3/4" in the width, or length, or both of the interior sq footage. Not much. The seams were taped and then repainted. This was about 10 or more years ago that I did this process. My home was already constructed so this was a modification.

I have ceramic tile covering the 3/5 of the floor of my home (family room, kitchen, entry way, office, bathrooms (3))

Another little tactic, provided not a lot of water shortage. I placed a few rotating sprinklers on the peaks of the roof. Turned the water on for about 1 minute to sray water on the roof. Then hose the wall down on the heat side, plus driveway, or block wall fence to kill off the radiation heat.

Lastly I installed an airconditioner about a month ago to help dispose of the interior heat.

Last year a neighbor had a bill of about $450 for one month in peak heat time. Mine was about $90. My water bill increased a small amount.Kids running in and out without closing doors?.

How to get the kids to cooperate? Simple. MOney. Figure what your expected electric bill will be. If the bill is less than that, figure a percent of the savings and give the kids that money. If it exceeds that amount, because of leaving the door open, they don't get the money. The difference between expected amount and actual amount can be a lot. Perhaps $150 more. Once they learn about getting more money, for doing less work, they generally cooperate.

I had lived in Ohio and Michigan. Been south in southern states. North to Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona.

Many years ago the corner little store where people would meet socially they had a salt barrel. The salt would suck up the moisture in the store so it would feel a little more comortable.

The prettiest things were fireflies at night. Day time fall gave out the colored leaves. We can see the colors in the mountains at the right time of the year. There are about 3 to 4 mini climate zones if one wants to view the changes.

Take care. Drink lots of water, have cool cloths. Keep the cool.


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Re: Who's crying now? Northerners whimper in the 80s

6/28/2007 2:52 PM

Lesa McCabe (662) wrote: in Seattle today's high is 67! Oh yeah, and overcast, and raining...yep.

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