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I just thought about what/which points are important to get a
good/better vibrato.. I would like to increase mine...

All suggestions are welcome.
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Re: Vibrato...

6/10/2007 4:37 AM

Chad Gerbe (1365) wrote:

i never really thought about it. i used to have a lot of trouble with it, but in time good vibrato came naturally. everybody's technique is different, too. for me, I find myself using the classical side-to-side technique when on the higher strings or when using my ring finger. then, when I'm playing on the lower strings, i use the more conventional up-and-down bending technique. maybe I'm weird in that i use both classical and blues style vibrato in my playing. hey, it works for me!

one thing that a lot of people seem to have trouble with is using vibrato on a bent note. when bending a note, just flex your forearm repeatedly and fast. its so simple, yet it delivers a very subtle vibrato that can be of great use for emotional parts of solos.

all in all though, it just comes out in your playing naturally over time. just like when your learning to sing, the vibrato will come with time.

one thing to mess around with also...don't use vibrato for the entire time you play a note! watch opera singers for example, when they belt out a real long note, they will sing it flat (no vibrato, not off key) for a couple seconds, then they start to bring in the vibrato a lil bit, more and more until by the end of the note there going crazy with the vibrato! its a very artistic technique, and will really bring out the emotion in your playing.

really though, the best influences for my vibrato have been opera singers. its such a major part of their vocal part, they are really masters of it. for guitar, definately check out BB king. hes got a very recognizable "butterfly" style vibrato.

just keep at it, it will come with time.