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My music goes unacknowledged

I've made a few gigs and a few concerts but it seems to be no way out to introduce jazz,blues and rock'n'roll to the local people in Syria.
there are a lot of good musicians in the west,I wonder why they don't help me and other good musicians here to civilize this mass.
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Re: My music goes unacknowledged

5/20/2007 9:28 PM

Alan Roberts (10065) wrote:

We can't get our own country to appreciate good music...or good

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Re: My music goes unacknowledged

5/20/2007 11:52 PM

James Walczak (4510) wrote:

Hey Folks,
I really don't know what the situation (or the people) are like over there, but none the less I would very much like to interject my opinion here.

Even on the smallest scale, trying to influence peoples taist in music can be daunting at best. Achieving any sense of notoriaty, even more so. I really don't know how long you've been at this, but my advice is simply to be patient. Blues, jazz and rock and roll are cultural and to impose those taists over existing cultural taists takes a lot of time in most cases. Very often it can take generations to accept change of any kind, let alone those that influence cultural taists, beliefs, etc.. Even greats such as Elvis Presley and The Beatles weren't totally accepted by all the masses in their day. Remember the whole speal with Elvis and the Ed Sullivan show? The camera's weren't allowed to show Elvis below the waist because it was considered by many to be "obscene". In fact even in the 60's there were American polititions who claimed "rock & roll was a communist plot to take over the world" (and other such garbage). Way back in the 40's, "Big Bands" were the rage...folks like Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller for example. Then along came folks like Bill Haley & The Comets, Chuck Berry, Elvis, etc.. In the 60's rock styles of music really came into their own with people like Jimmy Hendrix and The Beatles. Each time a great change in music came about, it always met with resistance...and still does.

Even today, "popular music" isn't always accepted by the masses. Music is art and very simply, art is quite subjective. I will even admit that I can be close minded to many forms of popular music today. I utterly hate rap and I have yet to find any appeal in someone like Brittney Spears (yea...guess I'm getting old).

I would also add that as primarily a classic rock musician who plays mostly covers with some originals, it also takes a while to develope "a following". Here in Nothern Ohio you really can't even play in a bar unless you do covers...if you're an all original band, forget it! For our original material when my wife and I had Harper Blue together, we'd sneek in a new tune here and there, but it takes a while for people to recognise the work and it can take even longer for people to recognise the group or performer.

Rock, blues and jazz are certainly well acknowledged and great forms of music to be sure. However they are also most likely quite different from what the masses of Syria are used to. Very simply it could just take a very long time before your music is "acknowledged", let alone accepted. Again, my advice is simply to be patient. If your true to your art and that art is good, sooner or later, people will come just may take years or even decades.

I hope you find this to be of some help!
Bright Blessings & Gentle Breezes,

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Re: My music goes unacknowledged

5/21/2007 2:38 AM

Amanda Rowe (357) wrote:

It's amazing how supposed vulgarity (Elvis the pelvis) is not in the least bit offensive in our present day in existence, as opposed to what most of the rap genre promotes, killing,rape,gratuity,etc. As far as the Brittany Spears era. I am right there with you. I am utterly disgusted by the talentless lack of creative ability in it and I am twenty two, so I'm not quite sure if it has anything to do with age, but I do know that in simplistic terms, I think it sucks. Lol.