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staying on beat while shredding

I find that it can be very difficult to keep to a solid 4 notes per beat at very fast tempos. It's OK when I'm playing something that I know, i.e. a defined run or lick or something. But when I just "let it rip," I just kind of switch into a "fast speed" and try to end at the right time.
But of course, ideally it would be best to be totally in control of the note speed, and being tight to the beat would make it sound the best (and probably faster to boot). How does one practice this? What are the tricks that shredders use to be able to maintain their control over the beat while at the same time playing very fast?

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Re: staying on beat while shredding

5/16/2007 11:41 AM

Jason Parker (2612) wrote:

You say you can shred when you already know the licks and runs you're going to play...

I'm not a total shred head Batio style or anything, but I think those guys who can shred on improv just have a deep reservoir of musical ideas--runs they've already created, a lot of the same intervals between notes...

My only suggestion is to play some scales with the metronome at an absurdly slow tempo like 80bps, 16th notes and 8th notes... but play intervals of 3, 4, and 5...

Hope this helps some.

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