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I don't know if you've noticed.......

Nope. I really don't know.

Have y'all noticed that it's getting pretty dead around here? Have y'all noticed that in the same amount of time it used to take for 25 new messages to be posted that now there are only 5?

Obviously, we can't talk about guitar 100% of the time. I'm cool with that. I'm even cool with talkin' about religion and politics. However, others aren't. Whatever. The FAQ, in my opinion was created for people with lack of respect and no self control.

I realize, I'm callin' the kettle black here, but what the hell. Big deal. If you act like an a-- I'll treat you like one. Nuff' said.

This place seems to be on the way out though.

If y'all are cool with it, that's fine by me. Hell, I've been in lurk mode for awhile anyway, so maybe it doesn't really matter. Lots of good people have split though, and I'm finding myself frequenting other boards as well. At one time this place was a mecca for guitarists of any level. Questions, no matter how mundane and covered before, were handled with a knowledgeable yet delicate hand. The newbies that were catered to became regular members. Now most stuff seems to go unawnswered.

I think I know why.

Nobody trusts anybody anymore.

With the recent use of aliases why should you?

I don't. Not in the least bit.

The college experiment is now getting a failing grade.

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Re: I don't know if you've noticed.......

3/16/2007 10:15 PM

Edd Robins (6260) wrote:

I think you're right. Nobody trusts anybody anymore. There's some folks here that I've talked to on the phone, some of 'em frequently. I KNOW who they are. But I find myself looking suspiciously at each new member.

And that ain't right.

I'll have been here on WN for 2 years this summer. I don't know if there were some who were using more than one identity at that time or not. I was new to the computer and had never been on any kind of forum website. It was here that I learned what "lol" meant, and what "lmfao" meant.

I was here every day, sometimes twice a day. I got up early in the mornings so I could spend a half hour or hour goofin' off on the boards before I went to work.

I still log on frequently, but not every day, and I don't get into the threads near as often as I used to. I've got pssed a few times here, most of the instances due to remarks from fools in the miscellaneous forum. My girlfriend hasn't logged on for a couple months or more and doesn't even want me to mention her name on either one of the gittar websites I visit. And I don't blame her.

So I guess I'm like you, Carl. I feel like it's goin' to hell on a steep incline. I don't like to sound so negative, but the posts have slowed down, like ya said. I know that we go thru periods here where there aren't that many new threads or posts, but this is different in my opinion. If you and me are both concerned about the mis-use of aliases, then there's more'n likely a lot of others who are, too.

It's a damn sorry situaion.

Yeah, yeah, we could ignore the a$$hles that make the smart A comments. But when they attack ya personally...well, I like to beat the spit outta those who personally attack me or mine...but what ya gonna do on the internet? Leave the site? Quite a few have done that, and some of 'em were pretty good folks.

I'll still poke my head in here a few times a week, though. I got friends here, and some of us will stay on the ship even if it sinks.

Now I'm gonna check out the youtube thingie.
Later, Edd

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Re: I don't know if you've noticed.......

3/16/2007 10:28 PM

Joshua Mattingly (7766) wrote:

Hello Carl!

Who is that guy?

WholeNote has slowed down that much? Holy smokes....

I haven't been Note-ually active for some time now....Have been drifting away from it....That or I've been drifting into what it called "life", heh heh!

Either way, if lending my participation would help the life of this place...Even if only by my participation alone...Well...Here I be! I'm back, baby!


New Takamine acoustic electric....Insertable electronics kinda thing.....Easy to change the battery, built in tuner....Plugged in, I love it.

Still have all my other gear....Except now I run through a crybaby and a marshall guvnor, before I get to the fenger pig (hot rod deville)....

Other then that.....Working full time, and when I'm home....It's study study study.... Gettin' strong n' smaht.

I'm now recognized my MSHA as newly trained miner.....Woo.

Not that you expressed interest in my life, but I decided to convey all that to you anyway! Lol...

How's it been with you, Carl? What's new?? Glad to see your still up and about....


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Re: I don't know if you've noticed.......

3/17/2007 12:07 AM

Bob Kent (10857) wrote:

Wholenote was jumpin' back in the day! I used to sit here and laugh 'til I cried with Pinto, Kirby, Warren, Evans, and many others.

Met you in a flame war! Actually came down and partied with ya, shared some good fun with your family! That'll never change, so ya know.

All the bitchin', p---in' and moanin' just sucked everything outta this place for me.

I will take from this place my good friends, some great knowledge of linking, posting, recording, etc., but it's ultimately like getting the hell off of a planet that has been raked of it's resources.

I'll swing through once in a while, but this has fallen to my fourth stop on the internet. Hell, I don't make it to my second stop, much.

It's not what it used to be, it never will be the same.

I'd say that I am gonna miss it, but I have been "missing it" for a while.

Sad state of affairs, lol.


Best of days, man! I'll be hanging at Jim's site for some jammin' this weekend, hope to see ya there.

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Re: I don't know if you've noticed.......

3/17/2007 1:25 AM

Geoffrey Barnes (314) wrote:

I don't know if you've noticed.......the spit from the guy in the vid is really flying @ about 2:39.Cool vid though.

WN and AB are having an identity crisis. I am having issues about the owners being present but not accounted for(I hear that is going to change). Some great people have recently left AB or are just not posting much anymore-especially after the so called 'nipplegate' incident. One major contributor-even though he received fair warning-was totally removed for posting other tasteless pictures even after this incident.To keep both sites as fun and jovial as they have been in the past is very difficult given the actions of just a few. We have all made good friends through our input here and I wouldn't exactly give the sites a failing grade because of this very reason. My thought is just to keep posting through whatever is going on.

Geoff :-)