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Wholenote in need of upgrade? / maitnence?

Hello Wholenote community,

Not to cause a rukus, but does anyone else feel that Wholenote/Activebass are in need of some serious overhaul, or at least updating?

I've been a member of wholenote for MANY years now, and I don't think I've seen any changes for a least a few years now.

Most concerning is the lack of maitenence and updating of the front page, I mean, how long as Much Ado About rythem been the 'Hot Lesson'? I shouldn't be complaining, becuase my Learning to Jam has been the hot lesson on for years now, which is good for my ego, but is not as good for the community, I remember when they used to rotated frequently and it was like, "who's the hot lesson this week?". For that matter, And when was the 'News' last updated? Blink 182, really? At the very least it could be taken off the page if the service has been stopped.

Which is ok, but it brings to mind all the new service opportunities that could be integrated into The site was overhauled a few years ago to allow MP3 hosting, but has been stagnant (besides member activity of course) for a long time. With the advent and popularization of guitar lessons on Youtube, I'm suprised I don't see 'in-lesson' video links all over wholenote, or any activity into looking for new more interactive ways to participate in the community. How about a section that's linked to so that wholenote members can get together and form virtual collectives/bands over the internet, teach through playing! If Activebasssers and Wholenoters both got together on, they could actually play together, share their experiences across instrumental barriers. With a few link sections, forum sections of support, doing this could be really easy.

So... once again, my purpose is not to complain, I'm just a long time member who is concerned for wholenote/activebass and would like them to be as current as their users are.

What do you guys think? I'd like to get a discussion going if possible.

All the best,
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AB/WN Upgrade- Your Vote?

1/1/2007 11:20 PM

Geoffrey Barnes (314) wrote:

My vote is AYE !!.

Geoff :-)

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Re: Wholenote in need of upgrade? / maitnence?

1/2/2007 2:26 AM

Jake Lizzio (985) wrote:


I've been here since 2000, and I've seen the same interviews, same articles, same hot lessons being recycled since.

It's way overdue for some changes. We need an active webmaster or site manager or whatever you want to call it. Not even an ambitious one, just an active one.

I really do wonder who is sitting back and letting this site stagnate. Its got so much damn potential, ya know....


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