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nylon string to electric/acoustic

I primarily use an old nylon string spanish acoustic, and now I am beginning to be fascinated by the idea of having an electric acoustic. I really like the Ovation guitars, the way they look. But all the guitar shops that I've been to in town dont carry them!

do you recommend them? I am really happy with my old nylon but I just dont want to risk her getting beat up or stolen with all the traveling I will be doing soon, so I was hoping on finding something with a similiar sound.
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Re: nylon string to electric/acoustic

11/18/2006 9:00 AM

David Mackie (11072) wrote:

Ovations have a sound of their own. A Takamine will sound more like what you already have.

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Re: nylon string to electric/acoustic

11/19/2006 2:28 AM

Jason Henderson (5681) wrote:

thank you, I will try a Takamine out next time i'm at the guitar shop.

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Re: nylon string to electric/acoustic

11/20/2006 4:19 PM

Rauff Mustafa (4) wrote:

The only thing I don't like about the Ovations is that they have a rounded back. You just about need a guitar strap to play these babies. If you put it on your leg without a strap, the Guitar keeps sliding forward. I would recommend a Martin, Ibanez and Taylor Electric Acoustic Guitars.