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Hooking up two pc towers. Need He'p.

Can I run two towers? If I hook them up, will I automatically get an option to chose a tower to work from?

Hopefully it's as simple as I think. Help if you can, I'd appreciate it.

B Kent

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Re: Hooking up two pc towers. Need He'p.

6/9/2006 2:04 AM

Ananth Narayanan (2180) wrote:


If your situation is that you have two towers but you want to use just one monitor/keyboard/mouse for both, then what you are looking for is a switching box - the keyboard, monitor and mouse are connected to the switching box and you can switch between the towers while working. search for "KVM switches" and you will get more information.

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Re: Hooking up two pc towers. Need He'p.

6/9/2006 11:17 AM

Andy Wood (5136) wrote:

There is another option which is even simpler. I run a system which is like having two computers but without doubling up on anything (saves lots of space)

Basically all I did was put in a second hard drive with a completely new copy of windows on it. When I start my computer up, a little menu automatically pops up asking which hard drive I want to boot up from. I have set my system up to run my normal programs like Office, Internet explorer etc on C drive. My D drive is exclusively for sound recording applications.

This method has been very successful for me because I have configured each copy of windows to run best with the software I use on them. I shut down all unneccessary features and get great performance whatever I do. For example, on my normal C drive windows, I just use the ordinary onboard sound card and it does everything I need for multimedia when browsing the web etc. On my D drive windows, I use specific professional quality sound hardware. I have disabled all the useless stuff like messenger services and networking.

I seriously doubt that your two towers have vastly different hardware needs and even if they do, as long as you can get all your devices in one tower and connect them up, you can have entirely seperate setups for each copy of your operating system. If you had different operating systems (2000/98/ME/XP/OS2/linux etc) you could have any pairing your like.

My system runs like a dream and occupies the same space of one computer - because it is one computer!

You can also install multiple copies of an operating system on one hard drive but I advise against it because there are always problems.


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Re: Hooking up two pc towers. Need He'p.

6/9/2006 7:04 PM

Bill North (12505) wrote:

Micheal is close, but a router would be more than you need both in capabilities and in setup. A router is more like a traffic cop that tells where data can and cannot go. I use one, but even being a certified MSCE my router will act up and just not communicate. Then it's "troubleshoot city" and sometimes I end up having to reconfigure the network to get it going again. If you are real concerned about security, or need a dedcatted DHCP and or WINS server then a router is the way to go.
I would recommend an ethernet hub, which is similar to a router, but lets traffic connect across without giving or denying permissions.

Simple, easy quick.

Delkin makes a real cheap effective one that's readily available.


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Re: Hooking up two pc towers. Need He'p.

7/8/2006 8:37 AM

Derek Still (620) wrote:


[I am half sure you must be. lol]
Many thanks for all your advice which I really appreciate. Now I have a few things to think about prior to setting up my system. It seems far easier than I initially thought.

thanks again to all


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