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how to play a2/c#

how do i play an A2/C# i couldnt find an A2 in the chord thing so im counting on you guys.
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Re: how to play a2/c#

2/25/2006 2:46 PM

Ryan Eckenrode (5114) wrote:

I'm guessing you could mean an Asus2/C#. In the open
position, this is fairly simple to pull off.

Start with the Asus2.
Basically, the sus2 chord
involves replacing the 3rd of the major chord with the 2nd
note of its scale. Note that this is a good movable chord.

Then on to the Asus2/C#
You'll notice the chord just
adds the C# in the bass.

I recall this chord in the riff to Metallica's "Hero of the Day".
I would typically play the E, and A with the first finger, and
the C# with the third, or whichever is comfortable for you.

later, Ryan

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Re: how to play a2/c#

2/27/2006 1:25 AM

Charles Gacsi (42523) wrote:

The last diagram is A add9/C#. The B is above the root and that makes it the 9th. Sus 2 generally replaces the 3rd of the chord. Since the 3rd, C#, is on the bottom and is the bass tone, it is not eliminated. The 2nd and the 9th are the same note but it is the position within the octave that makes a difference.

If you were writing the chord symbol for another guitarist to play the chord correctly, sus 9 would be the symbol to use for almost instant recognition of what and where to play those sounds.