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happy birthday BB

Mike Smith (9737)

Guitar Artists Forum · 9/17/2005 12:12 AM
the guy turned 80 on friday..............boy i hope im still around then............or do i.
anyway happy birthday mr BB King. if you ever see this site.

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Re: happy birthday BB

9/17/2005 4:35 AM

Charles Gacsi (42523) wrote:

I got to 79 this last July. We both have lived longer than about 80% of the people. Sometimes it is nothing we personally have done to achieve this on our own. However, I do not take needless risks to challenge that statistic. I'm just not ready to go at this time. Too much to do. I just wonder and hope I will be in good health 20 years from now.

My mother lived to be almost 97. My father got killed crossing the street at age 66 so I will never know how long he would have lived.

I did have a grandfather on my mothers side who was in his 90's but died from an automoblie accident.

One thing for sure music will change along the way.

We used to joke about voting for Louie Armstrong for president. We came close because Clinton played some Saxophone but nothing resembling a working musician.

Take care.


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Re: happy birthday BB

9/17/2005 4:49 AM

Derrell Dugas Jr. (299) wrote:

I'll second that, happy b-day, and thanks for the great music and memories. He truly is a King.


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Re: happy birthday BB

9/17/2005 10:27 AM

Edd Robins (6260) wrote:

We've been fortunate to have had him around for so long...and still touring. I've had the oppurtunity to see him several times . Saw him the first time at The Fresh Air Tavern in Seattle. We left a Chicago concert early, paid a 3 dollar cover charge and listened to BB 'til 2am. At one point, after an especially moving solo, he had big tears coming from his eyes. Later, Edd

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Re: happy birthday BB

9/18/2005 1:13 AM

William Scarbrough (2576) wrote:

Blues Boy (Riley) King is sadly one of the players I've not gotten to see yet but I'm keeping my hopes up.

Of all the musicians we've had over the years two of our most natural treasures (IMO) should be Les Paul and BB King by far. Without either of these two players and masters of their crafts, there's not telling how far behind we would be in the evolution of music.

BB's incredible style of singing and then letting the guitar listen and visa versa is what seperates him from many other musicians.

A legendary legend!!!

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Re: happy birthday BB

9/18/2005 11:35 AM

Michael Hamby j.r. (759) wrote:

thats sad

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Re: happy birthday BB

9/18/2005 11:48 PM

Frank Zito (389) wrote:

Maybe the best guitar lesson money can buy is that DVD B.B. released a couple years ago, the "By Request" concert he did for A&E. I got it at Best Buy for about $12. Lots of closeup shots of B.B. and of his hands, so it's easy to transcribe or just watch and learn. Jeff Beck plays on the few of the tracks, too, which is a kick. I got to see the two of them together live in 2003, so that has a little something special to me, anyway.