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Wither Wholenote?

There have been a couple of really objectionable, mean spirited threads running on this site lately and no-one seems to have the nerve to address the problem, so I guess you will all just have to put up with my take.

I know that the FAQs forbid responding to these posts BUT the moderator is clearly on a long holiday- as evidenced by the jammed front page. Given this abdication of responsibility it seems to me totally unreasonable to stand by while innocent members are flamed.

A lot of accusations are levelled on the subject of flaming but in my books at least there is a real difference between polite and well argued dissent and flaming, and it is totally appropriate and indeed honourable to offer well reasoned support to a member.

Much is made of the fact that this is a family site but the standard of debate and the lack of support to flamed members would make me think twice before allowing my children on the site.

Finally- often a post will be attached to the wrong post- usually due to near simeltaneous postings. Much unnecessary aggrevation could be avoided if all could take care to correctly address their posts where appropriate.

Andrew (Miss Manners) Kinsella
PS I really dont know what the world has come to when I have to start an etiquette column. Im not qualified!
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Re: Wither Wholenote?

7/21/2005 3:37 PM

Jim Burger (4613) wrote:

Email me with regard to inflammatory posts, I'll bring them to Chris Sung's attention. Chris is too busy to constantly moderate, but when action is required things get done. My email is:

We're very permissive about what goes on here, so please only do this in cases of real need...

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Re: Wither Wholenote?

7/21/2005 10:03 PM

Obee Obier (4521) wrote:

Dear Andrew,

With respect for humanity by using arguments based on facts - history, math, harmonics or whatever, if theres no political target or goal stacked on an ideology - it cant be political.

Friendly fire, thats a word for whats happens attaching to the wrong post or reply in a sarcastic style, without an agreement to be sarcastic to each other or, or, or.

Obee Obier

Miss Manner, perhaps we got a tea next time on your not qualified Netiquette column?

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Re: Wither Wholenote?

8/4/2005 7:50 PM

Rick Payman (10061) wrote:

I really dont know what the world has come to when I have to start an etiquette column. Im not qualified!

Au Contraire, Ms. Manners, au contraire !!

Well Said - Rick ;-)

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