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Jeff Buckley

Andrew Hush (76)

Guitar Artists Forum · 5/14/2000 5:42 PM
Would Jeff have conquered the world if he was not taken from us so early in his career? I think yes.
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Re: Jeff Buckley

3/3/2004 6:34 AM

John McGlone (23) wrote:

Another Jeff fan! Quite an obsessive one too. For live, I love the intimacy of the sin e recordings. The live dvd is another must-have, and although nowhere close to what it should've been, sketches for my sweetheart the drunk has some jewels on it, and the 4 track recordings leave you feeling extremely depressed, because you realise what could have been. Jeff's version of satisfied mind on sketches is one of the most emotional songs I've heard, but I'm not a fan of the version that made it onto songs to no one. If anyone doesn't own grace it's a crying shame. I think he would be a legend by now, I really do. If not an overground legend, then at least a cult legend. Great guitar player too, and the best thing is he didn't feel the need to needlessly flaunt his ability on it. He left that to his voice! Which reminds me: best. voice. ever.

Sorry, when I start talking about jeff, I can't stop!

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Re: Jeff Buckley

3/3/2004 9:40 AM

Joe Flanders (384) wrote:

I just wanted to keep this post going so more people would see the name Jeff Buckley.

He was an amazing artist who will be missed. I am not sure if I wanted him to conquer the world -though he might have. I am just happy he is sitting at home in my cd player.

Anybody know some of his influences?

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Re: Jeff Buckley

7/10/2005 9:03 PM

Matt Handler (278) wrote:

I want this post to keep going too.

Jeff Buckley is one of those people whose music has followed me throughout my life. He probably holds the record for the musician whose music has most changed the way I live my life.

HEre's a few good examples.

When I was just starting to get out of my "college, rarrr, fight the world, damn the man, noone's feelings matter in this universe except for mine" stage, this amazing girl I was making music with told me, to my face, that "Lover, you Should've" was the song that she thought about me most often to. (awkward sentence, there.) The entire, "sometimes a man, gets carried away" part. It woke me up when I heard that for the first time. It took 6 minutes and 43 seconds for me to be kicked out of that phase of my life.

So, then I fall in love with a girl, and I'm asleep in her place one night and she thinks I'm sleeping and she puts in "Hallelujah", and starts singing it. I learned that entire song the very next day. Every time I hear it it reminds me of her. Brings tears to the eyes, really.

So then I get into this huge Buckley kick and I haven't stopepd since. Mostly I think I love Buckley because his voice immediately reminds me of the love of my (admittedly short) life. But regardless his music affects me emotionally more than any I think I have ever heard.

Definitely wish he was still around. Here's a very public thank you to Mr Buckley. I hope the blondes with the wings are keeping you good company.


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Re: Jeff Buckley

7/10/2005 10:16 PM

Russell Watson (1799) wrote:

This is amazing Matt, I just realised that this thread started in the year 2000.

I must say, that Jeff's version of Hallelujah is just the very best rendition of that Leonard Cohen song I ever heard.

Your moments must have included a kitchen chair?

This particular song begs the question of how many covers were there, and, just how many versions of the lyrics? I have counted at least seven lyric changes.

I wish I could cut & paste the drawing by Jrgen Jaensch. (The angel & the kitchen chair cutting the hair)



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Re: Jeff Buckley

3/3/2004 11:53 AM

John McGlone (23) wrote:

Led Zeppelin were a huge influence on Jeff, so much so that when Jimmy Page told Jeff he loved grace, jeff broke down in tears. Nusrat fateh ali khan (that right?) was another influence. He drew from loads of influences - a lot from more local bands like one called the grifters. There are more but my memory escapes me.

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Re: Jeff Buckley

7/16/2005 7:04 PM

Jason Parker (2612) wrote:

There's no way Buckley could have conquered the music world. ...But, by me he is a wonderful singer/songwriter. I like the experimental nature of his recordings. He also belts out killer melodies. Frickin' gives me chills... -Jason

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