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Kramer Focus VT-111S

Does anyone own or has anyone ever played one of these $80 Kramer Focus deals? You can buy them from MusicYo:

I figure that for that price, they must be a real piece of crap. But I have read pretty good reviews about them on

If its decent to play, then its probably a good guitar to leave in the rehearsal studio. If it gets stolen, you are not going to sweat it as you would a $1000 guitar.
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Re: Kramer Focus VT-111S

2/11/2005 11:49 AM

Rick Gledon (27) wrote:

One of my boys friends has one. He brings it over to play with the kids. I wouldn't gig with it and the action is off which is to be expected .... I offered to set it up for him. I haven't spent much time with it. It does have some fret buzz (set-up should fix it). But it's not a bad guitar at all. Personally, I would grab a bullet special for about $20 or $30 more. I also think that the Dean Evo XM for $90 is a better guitar. Believe it or not, I snagged an XM online from MF a while back and that's the only guitar that I didn't have to touch except for a very minor bridge tweak. It's got a stop tail and tuneomatic. But that Kramer, it's a real guitar and it ain't bad at all.

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Re: Kramer Focus VT-111S

2/11/2005 12:55 PM

James Walczak (4510) wrote:

Hey Paul,
They had a couple of these a while back at a local shop and their really not too bad. I mean they are what they are...if your looking for a guitar thats going to sound and play like a $1000 Strat then your going to be disappointed. Let's face it, for $80 your getting a laminated body, generic pups and the guitar is probably going to need a good setup (and most likely some fretwork). On the other hand as I said in another post, now a days a decent neck alone can run $80, so the parts alone are worth it :-)

If your expectations are realistic, then you'd probably be pretty happy with this axe, however if your expecting it to be equal to something coming out of Fender's Custom Shop, you ain't gonna find it for $80 :-)

Bright Blessings,

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Re: Kramer Focus VT-111S

2/11/2005 8:43 PM

Inactive Member wrote:

i bought one of those back when they were only $69, it was my first ax and i loved it but now it has been stolen :( seriously you won't find a better value i highly recomend it- i'd call them better than a squire but not quite an MIM, still easily worth $125-150

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Re: Kramer Focus VT-111S

2/11/2005 9:07 PM

Chuck Stensrud (13014) wrote:

For that price, you can't lose. You aren't going to get a premium instrument. The biggest drawback is that you are going to get a "plywood" guitar - not a solid body. If you can live with that (not necessarily a bad thing), I think, from what I have heard, that it is a minimally acceptable guitar.

If you can live with that, as a "learner" guitar, then I think you are on the right track.