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moxy fruvous

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Guitar Artists Forum · 11/9/2000 5:03 PM
anybody know of the great band moxy fruvous? i
think they would quailfy for most underated
band/artist. if any of the members reading this
have napster/macster I would recommend these songs
by MF-
Video Bargainville
sample of the lyrics-
I have a college friend who, says we can lpay one
price for two... just ask for rodger, at
VIDEO...BAR-GAIN-VILLE! dont be too confused by
the little reviews on the back of the boxes, just
pick up the boxes, all the boxes u can use... the
hippedi-hoppest videos in the land, maybe
something foreign, maybe something banned, uh,
maybe something formally banned,PER-haps its
something you can watch wih friends, or that
inevitablly lends itself to shapely curves and
bends of naked women and their friends...
King of Spain
sample of lyrics-
once he was the king of spain, now he eats humble
pie... royalty, lord it looked good on me,
entertaining myself in the local budwoi or going
nuclear free, or playing croqueno with the
princess of monoco, telling my jokes to the great
old leaders, getting it all on video...
Michigan Militia
sample of lyrics-
happy birthday trishia, im in the michigian
there are plenty more great songs by moxy
fruvuous, and if u are interested in them i would
say buy the "live noise" CD. it is pretty much all
of their greatest stuff on one CD, which my dad
owns. i started getting into MF thanx to my dad
playing them on long car trips, alnog with phish
and grateful dead which i also like now. thanx for
reading, and happy listening!
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Re: moxy fruvous

11/10/2000 10:29 AM

Steve Suomu (680) wrote:

Just some info for you. Moxy Fruvous comes from Toronto. They started as an acapella group around 1990. As with a lot of Canadian bands it takes a while to get recognition in the States. The Bare Naked Ladies are a good example.(if you like Moxy, check out BNL's first CD "GORDON")