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harmony acoustics

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Guitar Equipment Forum · 11/9/2000 6:22 PM
the guitar that i have right now is my mom's old
steel harmony brand acoustic. if any one has info
on how much this old beast might be worth i'd be
interested to hear it - and im sure my mom would
be too. the strings are in ok condition, and i
tuned it pretty well. in the 70's my mom made a
huge hand woven hemp neck brace, with beads every
couple inches. its set a little high but that can
be fixed later on. i dont think im selling it, but
i am looking to buy an electric soon. a fender
maybe? im not really sure. if there is anything
you know about harmony acoustics please tell me.
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Re: harmony acoustics

11/10/2000 12:11 AM

William Petersen (3362) wrote:

Andy, check out:

It may help you out identifying your Harmony Acoustic.


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Re: harmony acoustics

11/10/2000 10:18 AM

Steve Suomu (680) wrote:

Last year I did some repair work on a great sounding arch-top, which had no brand name. After some web research I discovered it was a Harmony. I don't remember the site (check out william's suggestion) but the general info that I found out was that most of the Harmony guitars were not worth to much. Most of them were mass produced, and the company changed owners often.
That being said, I thought the guitar played and sounded great, and I was sad to see it go.
PS Any search engine will give you sites that have appraisals of guitars, or try Ebay to see what people are selling them for.