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where are they now ?

saw the post about underated and got to thinking about those guys who once graced the covers of guitar magazines but who no longer seem to be around or is it that i just dont get out enough.a couple that come to mind are vernon reid,nuno bettencourt,jeff healey.there must be others also.where are they now........ritchie blackmore,eddie van halen....etc.not underated just unemployed.....
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Re: where are they now ?

11/9/2000 11:00 PM

Tony Boyd (189) wrote:

I would like to know what happened to Jeff Healey myself. That blind man sure could play, but he just dropped off the face of the earth.

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Re: where are they now ?

11/12/2000 1:52 PM

Billy Belaire (6) wrote:

Anyone know what Warren DiMartini is doing?

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