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Beginner Guitarist

I am a beginner guitarist and i would like to ask for some pointers like books or stuff that could get me on my feet with this.I currently own an acoustic guitar and intend to learn on it so i can get an electric model later on.
I really appreciate any help.
Thank you
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Re: Beginner Guitarist

11/2/2000 5:02 PM

Rick Payman (10061) wrote:


You've already made a great start by coming to WholeNote to look for advice.

For Acoustic playing, I suggest you start with The Acoustic/Folk Learning Track which includes links to some great basic lessons, as well as dozens of book reviews.

You could then look through the Acoustic/Folk lesson directory for beginner lessons, or do a Lesson Search for a particular subject or topic.

Or for broader advice, check out the Guitar Basics Pages.

Then of course, you can ask the WholeNote Community for personal recommendations ...

Good Luck - Rick.

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Re: Beginner Guitarist

11/2/2000 9:47 PM

Howard Owens (3129) wrote:

The beginning guitar section of WN is great.

If you're looking for a book, check out ... they have some great book/cd combos, which is really a great way to go. I would just start with "Introducing Guitar" and work my way up.

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Re: Beginner Guitarist

11/2/2000 10:39 PM

Bjrn Van den Eeckhout (2189) wrote:

Welcome George, you have definetly come to the right place. I would advise you to work through the guitar bassics lessons here, and to put up a question on the forum if you need any help. Everyone here is ready to help in any way he/she can. If you ever think however that you have a stupid question, you don't. We are here to help one another.
Never give up, and never forget to warm-up.

Have a nice day.

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Re: Beginner Guitarist

11/3/2000 10:46 PM

Tony Boyd (189) wrote:

I would suggest getting into any of the Berkley Series of books. Not only do they teach you the guitar, but they also teach you how to read music and chords, so you don't have to rely on just tablature.

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Re: Beginner Guitarist

11/4/2000 5:00 PM

Shane Roe (9823) wrote:

I used a book by Mike Christensen called "Guitar Basics". This book also has an accompanying video. Both are fabulous.

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Re: Beginner Guitarist

11/5/2000 10:08 AM

Daniel Seaton (1582) wrote:

George there is a book call "Fretboard road map" (I think). It is a really great book and perfect for a beginner.