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what a fool i was

Malcolm Howley (1134)

Open Guitar Forum · 10/19/2000 4:17 PM
over on another forum i was reminded of my maison les excellent axe that after a year of hard gigging around the pubs and clubs of middle england i traded in for a fender acoustic in order to have something to play while travelling around asia for the next two years.and as it turned out that was a good idea.but i am also reminded of another excellent axe that i no longer have. it was an eko semi solid with f holes and a gorgeous tigerstripe bookmatched finish with bound edges and a superb tone from two very sweet cost me 60 quid second after sometime i needed an amp big enough to use in pubs and i had to trade in a guitar to buy an HH 100 watt tranny with valvesound so i had to choose between my eko and my japanese strat copy.oh what a fool i was.does anyone else have a tale of how they also let a dream instrument slip from their grasp.
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Re: what a fool i was

11/2/2000 1:11 PM

Patrick Culley (45) wrote:

I once had an old Ibanez from the 80's. It had a Salvador Dali painting on it and a full shred humbucker. It played like a dream and sounded great through my 5150. I decided that I wanted a setup that would give me a more versatile sound, so I bought a G&L strat with a humbuckser and a Marshall JCM 900 and traded in my old setup. While I love how I sound now, I have never been able to find another Ibanez that sounded as good as that one. That was the ulitmate metal sound!

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Re: what a fool i was

11/3/2000 10:43 PM

Tony Boyd (189) wrote:

When I was a music major in college, I had a '74 Fender Jazz Bass that had to be the best sounding bass that I had (even to this day) ever played. Thanks to a woman though I let it slip out of my hands cheap. I found it two years later in a music store for about a grand, even with all the war wounds on it. I decided then and there a no woman would ever come between me and my axe again!

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Re: what a fool i was

11/3/2000 11:31 PM

Chuck Stensrud (13014) wrote:

Yeah. Back in the mid 60's I had a Fender Strat and Gibson ES-335 with a Gibson Stereo Amp (can't remember which vintage model today). I virtually gave them away in college for tuition money. I missed them, but got married, had kids and got away from playing for a number of years. The Strat was factory mint - bought new and factory condition when I sold it, as was the ES-335. The ES alone would have paid for my rig today with LOTS of change left over. I kick myself in the arse daily and double on Sundays . . . .

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