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Strap it Down!!!

Well, I would just like to know how many people out the use a strap when playing their acoustic guitars mainly all the time, not just standing. I have basically always played without a strap while sitting, but when I played a friends acoustic which had a strap I realized how much more stationary the guitar stays on my knee. I know this is not big discovery and I kinda always knew it, but I never really thought about it much until I started practicing my barre chords. I noticed how much my guitar moves when I attempted the barre chord fingering during strumming and was wondering if I should always pratice or play all the time with a strap on.
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Re: Strap it Down!!!

11/3/2000 2:39 PM

Steve Suomu (680) wrote:

When I was in a band, and had to strum/sing I would stand and use a strap, but when I play fingerstyle I have always sat down without a strap, I guess I felt that the guitar was stable enough without. I usually compose while sitting, so to stand and play is awkward for me.
The strumming arm should hold the guitar quite secure to the body, enough that the guitar won't move to much, many people went starting find this works until they have to play an open string, that is when the neck tends to move away from you.

I comes down to what you are used to, and adaptability. Like I said, I can't (or don't want) to stand up and play (am I stubborn? Yes. Buy if it ain't broke don't fix it)

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Re: Strap it Down!!!

1/9/2001 10:38 AM

Tim Ball (2060) wrote:

I'm a klutz.

I keep the strap on when it sitting just to reduce the possibility of a disaster.

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Re: Strap it Down!!!

1/9/2001 4:46 PM

Tim Floto (6151) wrote:

I always use a strap. Standing or seated. All my acoustics have straps. In fact, I end up putting a strap button on the heel (where the neck joins the body) of all of them. For some reason, most acoustics are built with out them and you're suppoed to use that little shoelace thing on the strap and tie it around the head by the nut. Anyone know why this is?