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Need advice on material to play.


I have been working through the fretboard logic books. I am a little bit into book II right now. I am looking for some actual music. To play. Can anyone recommend some good books with complete pieces written out. I looked at one of the hal-lenerd "fake books" but it was wrapped in plastic so I couldn't check it out. Are these a good source? I can read music, but have no skill in figuring out where on the guitar to play the notes. I would really like a book or something with both tab and the traditional notation, thus I want to pass up on the tab websites. Any suggestions? (The kind of music doesn't matter a whole lot, I like anything from country to jazz-rock. The important thing is that it be instrumental music, I can't sing.)

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Re: Need advice on material to play.

10/29/2000 5:41 AM

Charles Gacsi (42523) wrote:

There are five different shapes of scales that are playable in every position. (1)Learn the fingerings from memory.(2)Know the highest and lowest note in each of these fingerings as to whether they end on the root, fifth, or whatever. Same for the lowest note. (3)Look at the music. Scan for the highest and lowest notes. That will give you a clue as to where to play the music selection.
(4)Play each music selection in as many positions as possible. That way you will find the most comfortable fingering for your self on a specific musical selection.
(5)Learn to read the actual notes in the following positions: 2nd position (key of G,F,C,A,D). 5th position (key of C,D,F,Bb,G) 7th position (key of C,G,F,D,Bb) This will give you a good range. The other keys will be close by these positions.
(6)Interesting enough. The clarinet has the same written register as the guitar. The lowest note is the same. Highest notes similar to guitar.
You can get a clarinet book for learning to read the full range in each position. A good one used to be the Klose Clarinet Book. Difficult passages for Clarinet were also difficult for the Guitar. The book contains some duets in notes.

We borrow from the other instruments. A violin book might also be good for sight reading music.

As far as songs are concerned, Make a list of those songs you like. Go to a music store and try to get a book with a large number of the songs you like that are in the book. Perhaps you might get a fake book.

I usually don't sing. I'm just an instrumentalist. Except when teaching some folk songs, or getting children to sing.

A lot of the members on WHOLE NOTE will probably give you some real good suggestions. Check this fret buzz frequently.

I don't think there is any one answer on the songs to learn.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Need advice on material to play.

10/29/2000 2:36 PM

Steve Suomu (680) wrote:

The William Leavitt Modern Method for Guitar series is very good for reading practice. No familiar songs, so you have to rely on what you know. I belive he also has position reading study books, which should give you a lot of material.

The other option is to buy some of the popular song books with the vocal/guitar or vocal/piano/guitar parts, and play through the melodies.