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The "I SUCK!" Syndrome

Cary Frick (3578)

Open Guitar Forum · 10/11/2000 10:40 PM
It seems to me, alot of guitarists, myself included, are always talking about how they suck when they are around a player of a higher caliber. I have noticed this alot lately. I just it is unnessasary for someone to think that about their playing. I dont think I am a great player by any means, but I am comfortable with my skill level for the amount of time i have been playing.
To all others who feel they suck, just keep playing and enjoy your ability, because it will get better.

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Re: The "I SUCK!" Syndrome

10/12/2000 5:36 PM

Charles Gacsi (42523) wrote:

Everyone has a point at which they are not playing as good as they wish they were. Fortunately we all have someone to look up to as a model. What about those individuals, who we think are at the top? Most of them are trying to stay on top. They don't have a model for themselves to look up to because they are there. Some of the greatest musicians lead lonely lives. Going to a hotel and practicing before a concert for hours at a time. Each city had the same setting, a hotel room ....... True in recent times some became .... "stoned" or zapped or visited far away places.. that were just as lonely .... even when surrounded by others...... cold ... when everyone is gone... and the party is over...... for the nite.

So don't knock your self. You're probably trying too hard. Let it flow.. You have a life? Right?


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Re: The "I SUCK!" Syndrome

10/12/2000 11:06 PM

Daniel Greco (417) wrote:

If you're at the point where you are playing as well as you want to be, then something's probably wrong. Andres Segovia said he still considered himself a student up until the day he died, Pat Metheny says he's still not where he wants to be, and if he's not, then god forbid I should be, hehe. I think its more fun when there's always another goal on the horizon. I am a very, very poor jazz guitarrist, I'm basically just starting, and I'm not at a basic level of competency with jazz yet. If I were satisfied with how I were playing, then not only would I be a fool, but I'd never get better.

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Re: The "I SUCK!" Syndrome

10/15/2000 2:38 PM

ROB BROWN (174) wrote:

Realy, that's good.

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Re: The "I SUCK!" Syndrome

10/12/2000 8:23 PM

Chris Reichl (1198) wrote:

Honestly,I do think we're all self-critical somewhat as guitarists. Its just part of the process, we want to improve, to excel. But Ive never heard anyone tell me "I suck" I usually get compliments, some real honest "Hey that was good" to some that were condenscending. I hate the latter. But during my band's rehearsal for our first gig next weekend, I began to just let myself go on leads,and Ive been turning out solos that are frenetic and manic, to sweet and soulful. I still however click on the "Internal edit button" and go "Well I could have done this better" And that can be a very annoying habit. You just have to sometimes say,"You know that was good."

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Re: The "I SUCK!" Syndrome

10/12/2000 8:26 PM

Joe Short (3404) wrote:

i do suck

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Re: The "I SUCK!" Syndrome

10/13/2000 2:15 AM

Bryan Rutherford (854) wrote:

I'm all about the I suck syndrome,, oh damn i said i'm all about something,,, *hops up turns mtv off, bans self for 2 months*,
sorry guys, it slipped hehe

anyway, i have done exactly what cary was talking about, it doesn't bother me that much when i'm around a obviously better player, I'm just watching and trying to remember everything going "cool", "show me that" ect. but when i'm around players that haven't been playing as long, or don't practice as much, ect. ., ok, bluntly, players i know i am better than, not trying to be arrogant, because i'm by no means "good", adequate for rhythm.. maybe..,,.

but i get around players that look up to me for advice and ask me questions and are always the ones going, whoa, thats cool, show me that. I'm fine unless i'm showing them and screw it up, miss notes, or buzz the note out, ect., stupid little things that guitar players do. then i hit the pity party button., or not knowing the answer to something, or something as simple as them knowing how to play something i don't, it kills me.

I'm kind of hesitant to really try to stop this reaction in myself because it never fails that as soon as i'm away from everybody and just playing i'll either search thru wholenote and find what i'm having problems with and obsess over it until i understand, or work with a song until it sounds better than the way the other person played it.

so i think it's a good thing, sort of.. on one hand i hate the feeling of it. but after i don't have the problem anymore it's all cool.

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Re: The "I SUCK!" Syndrome

10/13/2000 8:33 PM

Michelle Hayes (110) wrote:

To the "I suck" syndrome. We all sucked at one point or another. Even when we played at our best we still had a sucky point. It was when the guy next to you did something really fantastic and you say to yourself "Jeez, I Really Suck!!!!"
But in all actualility, nobody suck for the level they are at. No matter what that level is you are the best for that time. So remember, Hey I sound not so bad.

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Re: The "I SUCK!" Syndrome

10/14/2000 3:33 AM

Howard Owens (3129) wrote:

No. I do suck.

But I'm getting better. And I'm having more fun than ever learning.

Here's a morality lesson for you: 20 years ago, I knew I sucked and I didn't believe I would get any better -- and I didn't. So I chucked my 67 Fender Mustang and did other things. Now, with a mid-life crisis revelation, I realized that over the years I've learned to do a lot of things that I never thought I could learn to do ... such as programming and playing golf (well, OK, golf is a bad example ... I still suck at that), but the point is -- in life, I've learned that basically, I can do just about anything I want to do if I'm willing to put in the time and apply the discipline to learn it and do it. That wasn't something I understood when I had no greater ambition than to be a rock and roll star. Back then, I figured, you either had it or you didn't. And I didn't have it. So I gave up. Big mistake.

I know there are guys who just pick up things on guitar easily and I'm not one of them, but that doesn't mean I still can't learn to play "Eruption" if I wanted to -- and I don't want to, but that's not the point -- I would just need to spend more time on it than some other guys.

So, if you suck and you know it, just keep practicing. You may always suck, but over time, you'll suck less and less and that ain't bad.

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Re: The "I SUCK!" Syndrome

10/14/2000 5:28 PM

Peppe Lahtinen (1754) wrote:

Its a psychological thing really. It is difficult to play well when someone who is better than you is listening. Avoiding mistakes will obviously lead to the mistakes because it is the same thing to think "I will not do a mistake" than it is to think "I will do a mistake". You do what you think and the "not"-word doesnt have any affect on what will happen. Also this kind of thinking hurts creativity and makes it difficult to play in relaxed way. When playing for the people who are not guitar players it is easier to concentrate on MUSIC which is the most important thing. Of course there is a possibility that your playing will be too sloppy because no one will notice the mistakes. Combining these two things would be very good goal and to do that you need to forget the superiority of the "better" player who is listening. If someone could teach me to do that I would be forever grateful.

Enough mindgames for a day!

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Re: The "I SUCK!" Syndrome

10/14/2000 5:51 PM

Brian Elzey (4318) wrote:

It's all relative anyway, and totally dependant on what style your forte is. I suck at jazz, because I just recently got into trying to play that style. I'm a fairly good rock-blues player, because I've been doing that for over ten years. I'm clueless about true classical guitar, because I have never really tried that (unless you count learning Randy Rhodes "Dee", which I'm sure would cause the true classical players to scoff). As long as your trying to learn, you don't suck (even if you think you do now, you won't for very long). With all that said, recently I have realized that I truely do suck on guitar.

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Re: The "I SUCK!" Syndrome

10/15/2000 7:13 PM

Bjrn Van den Eeckhout (2189) wrote:

The 'problem' here, as I see it, is the fact that everybody is looking down on him- or herself. I do to, but I don't suck. I know there are things that I know, that I can play, that I can do. Then again it goes the other way around just the same. When we start something, we set a certain goal. Through time, that objective has to be altered to achieve a higher goal. If your first goal was to master those chords and you succeeded, then you tried a little run in between them, then a riff and eventually playing solos. Each step takes a certain amount of knowledge, skill, and control.

Remember : if you have the will to achieve something, you are most likely to achieve it. Everybody can be better than you at something, as you can be better at somthing else.

All's been said

B(j)orn Dead.

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