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I seek the holy grail (of guitar riffs)

Who approaches the bridge of death?

err, nevermind about that.

Anybody ever thought that there might be a holy grail of guitar riffs, a riff that is so awesome and beatifully put together that it is angelic-like and super-natural? hehe. If so then it hasn't been written yet.

That is my quest, and my favorite color is blue by the way.

So, if there is a holy grail of guitar riffs, what would it sound like? Is it a lead? A rhythm? Dual harmonizing leads? Lead and rhythm? Is it on any particular scale? Is their a technique that hasn't been invented yet?

So, off to castle ARGHHHH! for me.

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Re: I seek the holy grail (of guitar riffs)

6/11/2004 11:51 PM

Karl Haikara (2330) wrote:

If it twere to be metal then I'd have to vote for something by Emperor. I think My Bloody Valentine created some of the greatest guitar riffs in the world, but they're noe metal.
I'm thinking the holy grail of riffs would be either a harmonic riff (not a solo) or a rythem part, or possibly a complex layering of the two might create the effect, or maybe a effect with a riff. And more then likely (seeing how life usually goes) it'd be dead simple, lol probably 3 chords, but arranged and played so that they created a beautiful super natural sound. I think the only bands who have come close are porbably some of the black metal bands from Norway/Sweden, although have you heard of Shape of Despair? they have some great riffs. Emperor definatly have some of the greatest riffs in the world, some are so super-human it boggles my mind that the lead guy could play them and sing at the same time, definatly something I aspire to, to play something really great and sing really great at the same time, even if I don't really want to scream like he does.
I'd love to get a really good Jackson, but I already have too many guitars lol, I think I can get by with an SG.
Anyways I'm off to Sweden/Norway for two weeks, getting some of that scandanavian atmosphere might help me get down some of those guys' ideas.


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Re: I seek the holy grail (of guitar riffs)

6/13/2004 2:51 PM

Scott Irvine (851) wrote:

Bryan, What you seek may be sought by
others as well or be dismissed as
never have existed, a myth. There are other
considerations in your journey. Once you find
this grail, then what? Will it give you what you
seek? Are their others to seek? And
finally, can you master its power?. . . . . Good
luck on your journey. -Scott

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Re: I seek the holy grail (of guitar riffs)

6/13/2004 3:13 PM

Bryan Morrison (9786) wrote:

I don't know, somebody just told me to find the grail! *sniff* hehehe.

I figure that if I find it, then I will be able to write a song in its entirety. But I was being a bit sarcastic...


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Re: I seek the holy grail (of guitar riffs)

6/14/2004 3:32 PM

James Woods (2746) wrote:

Ludwig von Beethoven's 9th Symphony - Ode to Joy.

Every style of music since has used or copied the theme in Beethoven's 9th Symphony more than a few times. Choirs will even sing the theme sans music.


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