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guitar and amp lingo

are there booklets where you can learn all of the different names of the parts of guitars and amps, inside and out? cause i really need to learn what they're all called and what they're used for. not exactly on the guitar but on the amp.
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Re: guitar and amp lingo

5/6/2004 10:11 PM

Randy Evans (6450) wrote:

Sounds like you are looking for old shop manuals. Take a course in electronics, and you will find downloadable amplifier schematics all over the net...For free!!

But .....A warning, you really need to have some background before you dive into amps, and you will need certain tools, meters and knowledge before you should undertake that mission. Especially on the old Tube amps, there are lethal voltages which can be present within the circuitry.....Even if its not plugged in. These voltages can be stored for a long time...And a stray finger or screwdriver in the wrong place can get you electrocuted!! Be careful.....

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Re: guitar and amp lingo

5/7/2004 12:14 AM

Jack Schaeffer (2093) wrote:

I'm looking for a service manual for a Marshall Valvestate 40V model 8040. I haven't checked every link but, I've looked at many. I just can't seem to find the manual for this unit. Any ideas? I found one but it was almost unreadable. Thank you....Jack