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good Marshall amp

if I am going to have two amps, with a line selector to switch from one to the other, and I am basically going to use the Marshall for distorted sounds, which one is good to use? I know that Marshalls have a great sound but I know that some are worse than others. I'm looking for something within the $500 dollar range.
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Re: good Marshall amp

5/3/2004 4:27 PM

Christopher Rowe (89) wrote:

It depends on how much power u want. U can get a marsh atv50 for $499, it is a tube/solid state hybrid with 50 watts. also u could get the mg100dfx for $424, its all solid state with 100 watts. If you willing to spend 699 u could get the half-stack virson of the mg. I personally have the mg100dfx and I love it. hope that helped.