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I know I'm a fogey, but I was young once and still remember it well. Be yourself. If you can, be original, but be yourself. Don't copy what others have done. Do you want to slog along the trail others have created, or do you want to be out there breaking your own new trails?

These days, hair doesn't affect most people. I'm 52, and I work with mostly people who are 30's and up. I'm here to tell ya that some of the guys have hair to their waist, some have hair dyed in colors like orange and reddish purple, some are shaved, etc. We don't interact or form opinions based on people's hair anymore - the bizarre is just routine these days.

To me, getting a mohawk and dying it 15 years ago when nobody was doing that made a statement. Today, it just says, "look at me, I'm a sheep, and I just go where all the other sheep go."

Rock on Brother, and blaze your own trail. Go in the direction that is natural to YOU.

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Re: Response to Mohawk post

5/3/2004 3:37 PM

Jason Henderson (5681) wrote:

yeah, wearing spikes and mohawks is kind of "anti-punk" to me. cause now all the posers are wearing that kind of uniform. I dont think punk is something you can just slap on and call yourself, its a lifestyle.
the trail thing was well said though, and its very true.

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Re: Response to Mohawk post

5/6/2004 10:22 PM

Jr Starks (233) wrote:

Yea they some people just talk this stuff that does not make sense and they just like make fun

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