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im back!

college has been going great. I have met a few new friends, and my classes are going well. I'm still playing guitar, possibly more now cause my guitar class requires it in class. I'm learning how to read music, which is taking a lot of time but im sure its worth it. I hope all of you are doing good, I wanted to check and see how the whole community was doing.
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Re: im back!

5/3/2004 2:12 AM

Danielle Evian (516) wrote:

I don't think I have ever spoken to you before, but it's good to have you back lol. The more the merrier 'round here. Good luck with your guitar classes.

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Re: im back!

5/3/2004 3:33 PM

Jason Henderson (5681) wrote:

yeah I haven't been on here for the past couple of months. and even before then I was only posting a few times a week. I used to be on here all day and night but now i just dont have enough time.