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discover your discomfort

Rich Barton (3923)

Open Guitar Forum · 9/3/2000 6:10 PM
just read your article.I have been struggling to change from normal chords to barre chords.ive just discovered using your article my shoulder tenses up and moves forward about 2 inches.i relaxed my shoulder and concentrated on changing the chord from my wrist and hey presto an instant improvement.I shall continue to use your method when practicing and look forward to some improvement .I sincerley thank you for taking the time to post the article and wish you all the best in the future CHEERS RICH
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Re: discover your discomfort

9/14/2000 11:02 AM

Jamey Andreas (731) wrote:

Hello Rich and everybody else. I wanted to thank you for all your replies and interest in my article. Unfortunately, I don't have time to respond to all individual questions, but I read each one, and take them into account for things I will write in the future.

A few things I wanted you to know. For a fuller insight into the things I teach and talk about, you should visit my site at I will however continue to post selected articles here at Whole Note, (a site I like very much). Also, if you go to my home page, you can sign up for my newsletter, which will give you a continual source of new information relating to improving as a guitarist.

Second, I am making available to Whole Note an mp3 of mine, off my CD. I hope you will give it a listen, it is a popular piece in the classical repertoire, "Spanish Romance".

Good luck to everyone in your efforts to grow as guitarists and musicians.

Jamey Andreas