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Doubt research...What's your doubt?

Doubt Research...

What is your doubt?

I am trying to open here a place where persons can put theirs doubts and questions, and maybe our fellows may solve the problems of two ways mainly:
1- Making lessons with the topic requested. Please, when you make the lesson, tell us the number of the lesson. and,

2- As we have so much lessons at Whole Note, sometimes any doubt is still answered, so please refer to what lesson the person can find the topic.

For example:

"I would like to know about mixolydian scales, does anybody know any lesson about it?"

Answer: "Try this one: Lesson #6060 by Bernardo Pires..."

It's Just an example. I think that it's great and very helpful for doing new lessons that really match our needs.
Thank you.
Evaldo Devellis