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Howd you get fast?

I'm taking lessons right now but he's having me work mostly on chords and theory. Since I have spare time I would like to work on my speed. I have a book called "Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar" by Troy Stetina. Do you guys think this could help me get faster and what else could help? Thanks.
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Re: Howd you get fast?

8/5/2003 4:50 PM

Allen Nelson (991) wrote:

Relax! You already have 2 of the three items needed (in my opinion):

1) You own Speed Mechanics
2) You are a member of Wholenote (really, this is important)

The third is, a metronome. You probably have one, if not, get one; they're really cheap. These three things can get you pretty much as fast as you get. The only other thing you need is practice. That is always the big one.

I got Speed Mechanics and then put it down when it was too tough. Later, I picked it back up when I was a little more advanced, and my speed just shot up. I'm no virtuoso, not even close, but that book did more in about 2 weeks to improve my speed than almost a year of previous practice.

Practice, practice, practice!

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Re: Howd you get fast?

8/5/2003 5:24 PM

Jeremy Ledford (14379) wrote:

practice, accuracy, practice, relaxation, practice, practice, and...PRACTICE!!! those are the only that things that will make you dexterous on the guitar. if yo umake a mistake doin a slow run, do not keep going, sart it back over. you will learn not to mess up, beacuse you have to go back all over again. :)


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Re: Howd you get fast?

8/5/2003 6:38 PM

Chuck Stensrud (13014) wrote:

You can't beat Germ's answer - practice, practice, relax, relax, practice, practice.

First of all, the more tense you are and the harder you press on the strings, the harder it is going to be to develop speed.

What you need to shoot for in practice is to stay relaxed, use minimal pressure fretting the strings, and keep your picking hand relaxed to the point where the pick seems to "melt" against the strings.


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Re: Howd you get fast?

8/6/2003 3:47 AM

Larry Magri (3259) wrote:

For starters lots of practice(25 years worth)

I started playing when Clapton, Page, Blackmore, where all the rage.

I use to play everyday, scales, songs, and more scales, up & down picking.

Playing on summer tours helped so much too. I got to the point when you sing and play the only part you pay atention to is your singing an leads


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Re: Howd you get fast?

8/6/2003 4:18 AM

Frederick Burton (5465) wrote:

along with the other great suggestions, playing different styles of music or approaching a certain pattern, scale,or chord progression with different styles. I remember in college, my harmony teacher took the beginning of Chopins etude in (I think in EbM, its been so long) and played classically, in 50's R&R style, Jazzed it up, even countrified it. It really gives the ear a treat. Try it with a chord progression. I-IV-V.

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Re: Howd you get fast?

8/6/2003 6:02 AM

Randy Evans (6450) wrote:

Stick with the theory, that is priceless. But nothing makes up for pure, hard practice. Using scales as a baseline, repeat them up and down the neck, stopping when you make a mistake(never repeat mistakes, you are training the mind-finger connection), this helps with the dexterity, but I think speed comes from fluidity, relaxed, graceful flow of notes, as opposed to a machine gun barrage. My secret is that when I practice, I don't plug in. Distortion can alter your concept of clean playing; effects, reverb, delay alter what you are hearing. Unplugged helped me to really clean up my playing!!

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Re: Howd you get fast?

8/10/2003 8:58 PM

Matt Churgin (399) wrote:

What about plugging in with clean tone(I never plug in because my family doesn't like to listen to me play lol)

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Re: Howd you get fast?

8/11/2003 12:04 AM

Brett Phillips (135) wrote:

Pretty much what everyone said above. Practice with a metronome. I made the mistake with practicing alot without a time keeper so it took me a while to gain good rhythm. Don't go to fast; always focus on technique before speed. If you don't it'll sound horrible. Oh, and practicing daily helps :O

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Re: Howd you get fast?

8/11/2003 5:32 PM

Steve Cass (14763) wrote:

...and a couple more hints.

Learn to play lightly.

Be the best rhythm player you can be and your lead style will be screamin'.


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