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Computer woes (OT) - cannot reply to WN

Hey all.

I'm writing this at work because right now I can post any mesages on WN. I fill in the forms and click the post button but nothing happens.


It used to work just fine but something happened.

My platform:

P4 1.8 Gz running WinXP
IE explorer 6.x
Windows Media Player (9.x) is hosed, too.
Also my Win XP Windows update manager.

Any help out there (less obtrusive the reformatting and reinstallin OS) ???

It's real ugly
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Re: Computer woes (OT) - cannot reply to WN

7/10/2003 12:56 PM

Bryan Morrison (9786) wrote:

You are using internet explorer right? I would download Netscape and try that. See if it works or not in their. Then you can try to narrow the problem down to see if it is the browser or whatever. I really dont know much about it myself. I'm a trial and error sort of person. ;-)

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Re: Computer woes (OT) - cannot reply to WN

7/11/2003 3:29 PM

Don Brozz (271) wrote:

The problem you described (IMO) seems to be isolated in IE. So before you do a complete reinstall, which BTW, is rarely necessary, try repairing or reinstalling Internet Explorer. Options to do that should be available on your Windows installation cd, or through the "add/remove" on your control panel.

As a last resort, drop in your XP installation disc and choose the option to reinstall Windows, but NOT the option that deletes the current Windows version on your machine, you just want to repair, not reformat.
Doing it this way will save your programs and system settings, tho you will have to reinstall any updates you installed after Windows was originally installed.
I hope this helps, good luck.

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