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Support Recording

Robert Silver (2201)

Open Guitar Forum · 12/23/2002 7:33 AM

Any ideas on recording with

Tascam Portta O2 at home?

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Re: Support Recording

12/23/2002 1:06 PM

Steve Cass (14763) wrote:

Tascam Forums.

There is a huge wealth of information from pros and other home users in this forum. From the main US page and from the top navigation bar, click Support, Forums, and there ya go.

Have a blast, I sure do. I hang around the Digital Mixers and DTRS forums.


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Re: Support Recording

12/23/2002 3:49 PM

Steve Skains (961) wrote:

You might wanna check out
This is the homerecording chat board. You'll be able to get info on just about anything on recording there. good luck

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Re: Support Recording

12/24/2002 9:41 AM

James Woods (2746) wrote:

Both the Steve's are correct. There's loads of info on 4-track recording, especially with Tascam products. I have a Porta02 too, and you'll find that a lot of Wholenoters here have them also. In my opinion, it is an indispensable tool for a guitarist. Search the Fretbuzz for Tascam, Porta or 4-Track and you'll find literally hours of reading right here.