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Recording at home

Hi guys.

I've just been given a Tascam Porta02 MkII
and one of their starter packs (mike, headphones)
for my byrthday.
Any ideas to get me started recording myself at
home will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.
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Re: Recording at home

12/19/2002 4:16 AM

Inactive Member wrote:

in the meantime, you can use sound recorder, but you will definitely need more than that in the long run. Buy cakewalk or Cool Edit.

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Re: Recording at home

12/19/2002 4:58 AM

Robert Silver (2201) wrote:

Thanks for your reply Andrew

Do you mean use the recorder with Headpone only?

Can I use it with a cassette Recorder?

I've got one with a (CD/Line in)

Do I need anything like a separate
Amp or Mixer etc.

Thanks again for your prompt reply

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Re: Recording at home

12/19/2002 7:17 AM

Antonio Rosa (6847) wrote:

Hi Robert,
I don't know the Tascam but you may get good quality recordings at home with it.
Do you sing, too? In that case you may need a microphone to capture your voice. A Shure SM-58 may be a good choice. The better your mics are, the best results you get.
From your homepage I got the impression you play acoustic, so point your mic to the bridge, or the junction between the fretboard and the body, not to the soundhole. You have to experiment.
If your guitar as a pickup, try mixing the mic sound with the pickup sound.
If you want to ask more specific questions, please do.
My MP3 here at Wholenote are homemade recordings and the sound quality is not bad, so you can do it as well.
Good luck,

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Re: Recording at home

12/19/2002 8:05 AM

Chester Horton (10480) wrote:

Hi RObert
Well my first advice it to read the manual and get yourself familiar with the machine. They are very good little recorder for starts. after reading the manual you may have more specific questions we can help you with.

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Re: Recording at home

12/19/2002 8:15 AM

Bryan Morrison (9786) wrote:

I don't know anything about digital recorders but I have been recording to my computer for quite some time now. If you really get into it here are some things you might want to look into getting.

-an echo soundcard

-Cool edit Pro

-Cakewalk Home Studio if you plan on doing midi recordings. If not then you would be best to go with cool edit

-Guitar Pro. Works nicely for making drum beats and adding keyboard parts that you write on your guitar if you dont play the keyboard

-Mixers are very usefull. Definatly should get one. I like the Macki mixers the best.

-Studio Monitor speakers.

-If you are doing midi recordings the Roland jv-1010 external midi synthesizer comes in very handy. Very very nice instrument sounds.

Is that Tascam just a tape-deck recorder? If that is what it is and you just plan on using that then you will want to experiment with the micrphone placement. You will probably want to look into buying a better mic also. I heard it's best to put the mic at an angle parallel with the cone of the speaker. The distance away from it will determine how much highs, mids, and lows you get. The size of the room and how much it echoes will also effect your recording. You might want to try putting the mic close to the speaker then hanging a blanket over the speaker and the mic. That should give you a nice thick solid recording. I've never recorded with a mic though so I don't know for sure. I plug directly from my pod to my computers soundcard.

good luck

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Re: Recording at home

12/19/2002 9:52 AM

Stone Dragon (8501) wrote:

Plug it in and lay it down!