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I)What about equipments? what's your favorite:
1- Guitar
2- Amp
3- Effect
4- Cable, etc.

II)What does your guitar set-up sound like? Could you explain it?
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12/10/2002 11:56 PM

Edward Azbell (1011) wrote:

I. a) Gibson Les Paul, Ovation Celebrity Viper
b) Peavy EVH 5150 2x12 combo
c) Zoom GFX-707
d) Stagelines

II. This set-up allows me to acheive just about any sound I want.


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12/11/2002 12:08 AM

Ryan Sequeira (7665) wrote:

1a)homemade guitar
b) Hamer Slammer explorer copy
c)Fender 62 reissue strat

2) Randall RG100SC 100W 2x12

3) Dunlop GCB-95 original crybaby

4) Rapco braided cables, Ernie ball strings(9-42 or 10-46), Dunlop Tortex 1.14 mm picks

I love my setup. mostly because of the amp. I also love my guitars, but i'm itching to get a new guitar with great pickups, a stable trem(floyd rose) and 24 frets with good access to all of them

when i get my next guitar, my setup will slaughter all in its path!

keep it metal


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12/11/2002 7:59 PM

Inactive Member wrote:

I.1) Gibson Les Paul Studio
2.) Peavey 5150 combo
3) none
4) Monster cable, Dunlop tortex .73 picks, Ernie Ball Hybrid slinky strings (46-9)

II. If you've ever heard the band Evergrey, that's a pretty good example of how my tone usually sounds. When I detune I get more of a Gothenburg In Flames type thing.


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12/11/2002 11:45 PM

Dude Absher (4646) wrote:

Out of all my guitars my 1960 Les Paul .

Amp-JCM 800 100 Watt head,Two AVT 200 Watt 4-12 Cabs.

RP effects

Cables Horizon.

Sound:What,What-Brutal Very Brutal lol


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12/12/2002 9:16 AM

Chris Pinto (24466) wrote:

1) Fender American Deluxe Strats
2) Ovation Standard Balladeer Acoustic
3) Kramer/ESP w/Floyd Rose
4) Laney 50w head/Marshall cab 1/2 stack
5) Digitech Metal Master pedal
6) Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Reverb pedal

Allows me to get everything from extremely clean tones, warm jazz tones, George Lynch tones, EVH tones, progressive metal tones, Yngwie-ish lead tones, blues tone.....anything I need, I can dial it in.


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12/12/2002 9:31 AM

Steve Cass (14763) wrote:

1- Guitar

1979 Les Paul 'The Paul' Solidwalnut

2- Amp

Trace Elliot SpeedTwin C50 w/1x12" Celestian spk, or sometimes I use a 4x10 Acoustic spk cab.

3- Effect

Yamaha SXP90 rack mount. Multi-effects.

4- Cable, etc.

Canare Star Quad custom made cables, Dunlop Tortex .060 picks, Ernie Ball super slinkies (009's).

I get that unmistakable Les Paul color in the sound. Because of the amp (4 12AX7 preamp stages) and great tone controls, I can get anything from totally clean and bright to slight overdrive for some bluesy punch to Eric Johnson sounding drive and sustain to EVH to AC/DC.

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12/12/2002 11:24 AM

Doug McMullen (6014) wrote:

1. Fender MIM Strat all customized into oblivion (custom neck, neck pup is some hot dimarazio thing, mid pup is vintage 70s strat, bridge pup is Seymour Duncan Lil 59. Recent experiment with 1 meg pots is officially a failure however.

2 60s gibson skylark with jensen alnico speaker, (for quiet time playing) or 70s GS-2000 earth amp, also all customized into freakishess (with 15 inch speaker + tweeter) for loud playing (which I basically never do anymore).

3 Roland guitar synth/midi unit (GK 2A is the midi pup)

4. Lotta cables lying around, god knows they're all cheap n' crumby.... Santa: I need cables..., Picks are dunlop stubby's or jazz... 2 mil thick or or more please. Increasingly play fingerstyle though. Strings, Thomasfeld-Instik swing series... 1st strings I've ever played that make a really noticeable postive difference in the sound of an electric guitar.

5. The whole point of this set-up is a desperate attempt to get a relatively inexpensive solidbody electric thru rock n roll tube amps to sound like a carved top hollow body thru some $50,000 dollar amp custom-made by 'insert German name here'

As you might imagine, it doesn't quite work.


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12/12/2002 11:28 AM

Bill North (12505) wrote:

I Equipment I favor right now.... (more stuff in storage/loan to my son)
1) Guitar -
a) Dillion DR500X
b) 1958 Gibson LP
c) GFI S-10 (E9 Pedal Steel)
2) Amp-
a) Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
b) Line6 AX2 212 (Celestion Speakers)
c) Fender Blues Jr
3 Effects-
digital effects on AX2 212
4 Cables,etc.
home made Hi-Grade cables (gold tip)
Tortex 1.0 mm picks
German Silver (thumb and finger picks)
Les Paul Signature .09s on the six strings
Buddy Emmons E9 for the PS
Recording stuff (NOT for LIVE PERFORMANCES)-----
Shure sm57's
1950's RCA ribbon mic ( I rescued this from the altar when they turned it around and replaced this with shure cardiods =) I couldn't believe they were just throwing it away )
Senheiser condensor mics
24 channel home recording capabiliies

II what does setup sound like?
Just about any sound I can imagine, too bad I'm still rusty (but getting better)

BTW ---- I have one very understandig wife--- very important for the smooth operation of above listed gear.