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What scale is used - PLEASE!

Derek Still (620)

Guitar Theory Forum · 11/10/2002 3:44 AM
I love 50/60's rock, like Chuck Berry's Johnny Be Good, Bye Bye Johnny etc.

I know the chord sequence is 12 bar blues, but what scales did they use in those days for improvising?

Maj Pentatonics?

I would really be grateful if someone knows for sure!

Thanx guys
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Re: What scale is used - PLEASE!

11/15/2002 3:42 PM

Evaldo Devellis (285) wrote:

Hello fellows...

All the responses are great !

Here is my humble suggestion:

Try to use the Minor Blues Scale and/or (mix them...) Major Blues Scale.

Supposing you are playing A blues:

A Minor Blues Scale:


A Major Blues Scale:

I like its sound...Bluesy... :)
K E E P R O C K I N'

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Re: What scale is used - PLEASE!

11/17/2002 5:27 PM

Charles Gacsi (42523) wrote:

Another way of looking at the sounds is the realtionship of Parallel keys. A minor and A major. Two basic pentatonics with 1/2 step between the 2nd & 3rd degrees of both Parallel keys. Relative C major and A minor keys> Perhaps this is an over simplification for some. Take care. Charlie

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