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Any ideas on how to ue a metronome with fingerstyle.

What kind of metronome should I get?
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Re: Metronome

11/4/2002 3:41 AM

Alan Green (1053) wrote:

All the metronome is going to do is give you a constant pulse to play along to at whatever tempo you set it to. Treat it as a substitute for a drummer, if you like. Start by working on the piece you're going to play just like any other piece - get the hand and finger movements in the right order without it first of all and worry about speed and phrasing afterwards. Set it slow and build up the speed in stages.

The Yamaha QT-1 is quite good. You can turn the volume down and it has a little flashing light on top so that you can go without the clicks (if you really want to). Fully adjustable - the dial has sections marked for things like "Andante" or "Allegro". It's reasonably priced too - EUR 40 in Frankfurt (that's GBP 25 or USD 40 depending on where you live).

Hope this helps,


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Re: Metronome

11/4/2002 5:40 AM

Stacey Thompson (278) wrote:

Here's a good metronome:

I don't recommend buying from this site (because I've never done it) but here is the metronome I use. It's sturdy (I've dropped mine about 300 times), the click is not annoying and the volume is adjustable and it has the 'A' note on it for tuning.

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Re: Metronome

11/4/2002 6:47 AM

Chester Horton (10480) wrote:

Most of the digital metronomes on the market today have the full range of adjustment and have the A 440 tone if you need it. The price range goes from about $10 to $70 or more for a BOss BT88 I think it is called. Any of the inexpensive ones will do the job and most of them now have a flashing light you can use instead of the click

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Re: Metronome

11/4/2002 2:28 PM

Ayden Nathan (1431) wrote:

Hi Robert,

Here's a free metronome that's available for PDA's that use the Palm Pilot OS.

There are many others that aren't free, but you can view them all here.

Free Metronome for Palm Pilot

Hope this helped,