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RE: The raters farewell

I too have been a victim. My lessons consistently get 5's & 4's but each of my lessons has recieved a 1 in the past several months, just one each. Is there a way to see all the ratings each person here has recieved? Maybe there is one person who has no 1's, if so, what would that imply? I really don't feel that strongly about it, just adding to Bruce Maag's observations.

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Re: RE: The raters farewell

5/7/2002 10:55 PM

Bruce Maag (15581) wrote:

Surely there are better things to talk about than "The raters farewell" (this actually made it to the buzz, eyy)

I have to agree with everybodys views here, they all make sense.

I must explain to you all that, yes I will throw that reference up after I've been seriously hit by 1's. It's my way of saying "Ok rater, your worth about this much to me" which is nothing, NADA.

I get hit by 1's all the time, probably because I have so many lessons. I've got some lessons with allot of pages, and when 15 out of 20 pages all get 1's (within 24 hours or less), no doubt that's got to be a prank.

Been here long enough not to let ratings bother me too much anymore. I'm only human though, so "The Raters Farewell" is my little 'Take That'.

For what ever it is worth, I figured I should probably get involved with this post. Some very interesting replies so far.

Keep 'em coming


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Re: RE: The raters farewell

5/8/2002 3:00 AM

Justin Nagy (1219) wrote:

WOAH! Lessons get R A T E D??? Shows you how much I know. But my opinion would be that ratings don't really matter, it's whether the lessons help people that truly matters. Isn't that why they are up there? Feel free to slap me with this one, as I'm not a member of the "lesson makers" crowd.

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Re: RE: The raters farewell

5/8/2002 3:58 AM

Bryce Yaworsky (1085) wrote:

Who cares about ratings? It's feedback that really matters. I just posted my first 2 lessons on here, and out of 400 hits so far I've only got one rating(a 5 whoop dee doo). Instead of a number, I'd rather have someone give feedback as to why it was a five, or better yet, a one. At least this way I know what I should or shouldn't be doing when making lessons, but that's just me.

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Re: RE: The raters farewell

5/8/2002 6:11 AM

Jim Graham (5168) wrote:

As I said in my original post, I'm not that concerned, I just had something to say and I said it. Thanks for all the responses, especially the ones that mentioned getting feedback via messages. I like this kind of expression better as well. I've had all kinds and appreciate them all, I would rather get a message telling me what someone dislikes about a lesson, I learn and grow(or decide I like what I've done and disregard them, but respect the fact that they told me what they thought),


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