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Ok - What the H... is it?

I logged on a while ago - first time since yesterday. There were 257 messages. I browsed the topics of the first 80, answered a couple, and then just didn't feel like going thru the rest of them.

Have I finally burned out?

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Re: Ok - What the H... is it?

4/16/2002 6:28 AM

Steve Cass (14763) wrote:

Chuck, don't let the infidels get you down!

I know I'm really going though an addictive phase, but I started a system in the beginning that I pretty much stick to. That is that I just cruise the forums. If there's a thread I don't care to join, I just don't. I can't spend all that time just looking at recently posted messages. Besides, getting all the topics on one page allows me to weed out the ones that just don't plain apply to me or that I most likely won't have something to contribute.

Take a break for a few and come back refreshed!


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Re: Ok - What the H... is it?

4/17/2002 7:16 AM

Dominic Hatchuel (4861) wrote:

thank heavens. i thought it was just me.

i think it has something to do with the "number
of new members since my last login"
frequently outstripping the "number of new
messages since my last login." there's no way
you can keep up with all the discussions that
go on here. and there also seems to be a
proliferation of nebulous threads and posts -
like this one LOL!!! (j/k)

anyway, guitarists don't burn out. they just get

chin up chuck! we're all in the same boat.

say, how many members are there now


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Re: Ok - What the H... is it?

4/17/2002 2:04 PM

Chuck Stensrud (13014) wrote:

Looks like it's on it's way to 55,000 (about 54,910 at the moment).

Thanks for the moral(?) support, Dom! LOL


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Re: Ok - What the H... is it?

4/17/2002 3:36 PM

Sean Kelly (1525) wrote:

hey guys-- we are working on some strategies for making this a little bit better-- stay tuned, in a few weeks we might have some stuff pinned down on how to make it easier to get you to the stuff you care about.



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