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Improvisation Project

I have re-started the project that began in January and went on hold in the Spring, I am recording a totally improvised "song" once a week and uploading it to my site at . The first of the new series is up now and will be replaced on Saturday Oct. 27th by whatever I record next. These are solo guitar fingerstyle, right off the top of my head, warts and all, if I get something that has any continuity(in my opinion), then it gets uploaded. Feedback is welcome,

Jim Graham
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Re: Improvisation Project

10/24/2001 11:46 PM

Stone Dragon (8501) wrote:

Feedback welcome????

You trying to do Hendrix meets Montoya? LOL

Cool piece... the shifts between major and minor were unsettling at first, but sorta grew on me by the end.

Glad to see you're back to posting improvs.