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Chris, Jim, Everyone!

I just want to tell you what a great job you have done and continue to do on this web site.
I just recieved my "Wholenote" update, and all of you are doing an outstanding job at creating a cool place for anyone that loves guitar and people to come to.
I'm proude to know you all!

Uncle Rex
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Re: Chris, Jim, Everyone!

10/11/2001 8:09 PM

Mike Donnelly (418) wrote:

Hi everyone. I have only been here a short time, but I have to say that this has to be THE BEST guitar (and music in general) site I have ever been to. I plan on staying and contributing for as long as the good lord allows. Thanks and a toast to all. Here's mud in yer eye.


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Re: Chris, Jim, Everyone!

10/12/2001 3:02 PM

Sean Kelly (1525) wrote:

well its you guys who deserve our thanks-- we're really happy to see the site still growin' and thrivin'!

p.s. send me the medtar submissions address in a message-- i couldnt find it from your home page (?)



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Re: Chris, Jim, Everyone!

10/12/2001 9:22 PM

Rex Jones (12455) wrote:

all of you,
Or e-mail me at
Always needing donations,
I was at the art show the kids do each year to meet a bunch of the artists that work one on one with these kids, and yes in the videos the kids had made one of them was banging away on what looked like "Ugly Jims"donation, and the kid was wrapping over the guitar...honest!
I wish my kidney would start to work,
It's such jerkin around,don't mind it hurtin,
I'll be so happy @#$%& to get out of this hospital
(The crowd went wild when he cursed about being happy to be leaving the hospital :)
I was proud to represent all of you.
Thanks for askin' :)!

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