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Bill Frisell Open-String Lick

John Rich (3189) · [archive]
Style: Jazz · Level: Intermediate · Tempo: 50
Pages: 1

This phrase is in the key of G major if I'm not mistaken.

G maj

I like the sound of this phrase, because it sounds like something one of my favorite jazz guitarists Bill Frisell might play when he's improvising in a major key. The idea behind this lick is to let all these notes ring against each other for as long as possible. It sounds kind of like piano when you do this. I would also use a good bit of reverb and delay so you can get these notes to sustain a bit longer, also arch your fingers so that you don't dampen any of the strings. I hope this idea leads you to create more open-string ideas. Thanks for looking!

Bill Frisell Open-String Lick
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