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Minuet In G For Touch Style Guitar

Justin Harding (1760) · [archive]
Style: Classical · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 110
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Welcome everyone!

I made this lesson for someone who wanted an example playing with two hands, also known as touch guitar. Minuet in G by Bach was the perfect piece to arrange for this, so I did. The best advice I can extend to you all is to start it slow and learn the bass lines first, and then the melody. It's a very easy tune to learn by itself, but since I arranged it for two hand playing, I made this an advanced lesson, instead of a intermediate, or beginner. Anyways, have fun with this lesson. Hopefully it'll open some eyes. Enjoy.

The other 16 measures will be posted another day.
Keep in mind, this is in 3/4 tuning.

Minuet In G For Touch Style Guitar