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Imitate Birds With Your Electric Guitar

Obee Obier (4521) · [archive]
Style: Experimental · Level: Advanced · Tempo: 120
Pages: 1

Some Composers like Oliver Messiaen take the Sounds of Birds for musical composing. They write for Flutes (sounds very similar to birds) and the rest classical orchestral instruments, but not for electric guitar. Inspired of that I searched for playing technique, which makes my guitar sound like a bird and found some ways to sound like a bird.

MP3 Examples: Guitar-bird example 1 84kb; - - - - Guitar-bird example 2 144kb

To get the sounds of a bird on your guitar you need a heavy stone or metal pick. If you don't have one, take your wham bar or a heavy screwdriver. Decrease the Volume from your pickups to have less overdrive. The left hand has to damp all strings at the position of the neck pickup. Lay the whole arm on the fret board to damp the strings as much as possible.

Hit the high e-string near the bridge pickup. Do it with the rhythm of a bird. Hit the high e-string and make a short and fast slide in direction to your bridge pick up. Sliding around between the high e and g-string, try do find some phrases you accept as a bird.

Listen to Birds; it's not just a technical thing. Birds have their own phrases and pattern, rhythm units and if you want to imitate a Bird you have to know what a Bird really sounds like. The intonation based on natural harmonics and not on a tempered scale system. Analysing helps you to get closer to the rhythm and the intonation of birds.

There are many more ways to get more characters by using different ways to hit the string.

notation used for birds can based on words like "zirp, trrillu, krrrzirp...." or from a sonograph...